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Archive for March, 2008

Bike Trailer Blog Site Redesign

As many of you may have noticed, we haven’t been very prolific as of late. We ran into some major issues with our bike trailer photos and had to change hosting. As we were looking into fixing the problem, we realized a site redesign and platform reevaluation might be in order.

New Commuter Bikes section (plus, win a Raleigh One Way)

In looking at our traffic stats, the Commuter Bikes section of our website is our most popular ( with Commuting 101 running a close second ). I’ve been unhappy for awhile with how that section works so today we are launching a completely new format called the Commuter Bikes Database. The database is built in […]

“Are You Crazy?” and Other Coworker Comments

Earlier this week, my wife had her first sub-zero bike commute and it actually turned out to be -15C (-5 F). We checked the forecast, booked the car in for repairs (don’t you just hate spending a new bike’s worth on car repairs?), and watched as the forecast got progressively worse over the course of […]

Quiz: Would you use this bike facility?

Here’s a quiz for you. After looking at the photo posted below, how do you recommend getting through this marked bike facility? “Take the lane.” Call public works and complain about the poor condition of the bike lane. Take public transportation. “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” I’d don my rain cape and rain […]

GroupThink: Alternative Safety Tactics

A constant topic here at Commute by Bike is ways to stay safe during our two wheeled travels. There are lots of common ones such as blinky lights, helmets, signaling, etc. However in recent comments on our posts I’ve seen a couple of unique ones: Ghost Rider: I mounted a yardstick as a joke to […]

Top 5 Reasons to Claim the Lane (and why it’s safer)

There is a lot of debate as to where a bicycle commuter should position themselves in relation to the road. New bike commuters, especially, are often intimidated by riding in the road and often choose something that isn’t necessarily the safest place. Here are the top two least safe places to ride: Sidewalk– While the […]