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Archive for March, 2008

First Impression: SKS Commuter Full Fenders

Photo: My Trek 1200 with SKS Commuter Fenders (click to Zoom) Fritz told us about fenders late last year. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to fenders. It does rain quite a bit out here in the great plains of the United States, but at the same time, I have a few […]

CBB Poll: Route Choice

Over the last few years I find I’ve settled on a route to work that is not the shortest distance between points A and B. I’ve also tinkered with several different routes to my dad’s house, including a new one that looks a bit crazy when viewed on a map. I’ve got my reasons as […]

Singlespeed belt drive

Here’s some bike porn for you all. Lynskey Performance just posted about their use of belt drives on singlespeed bikes. They title the post “A Stunning Singlespeed.” I saw their belt drive bikes at the 2008 Handbuilt Bicycle Show and they are indeed stunning. I talked with some folks at the show about the practicality […]

Boulder commuter of the year

Attention Boulder, Colorado bicycle commuters: GO Boulder/city of Boulder is in search of nominees for its 12th Annual Commuter of the Year Contest. Three people who have chosen to leave their cars behind and commute by bike, bus or some combination of biking, walking and using transit will be honored as the 2008 “Commuters of […]

Commuting to School Can Get You to the Olympics

Adam Craig is one of the top US hopefuls for the upcoming Beijing Olympics and apparently he used to be quite the winter bike commuter: In the fifth grade, he rode his bike to school – six miles away. While at Dexter High, he would ride his bike to school on snow days so he […]

Bike Commuter Nutriment

There’s always room for coffee in the bike bottle cage, but what about putting real fuel in your bike’s tank? Protein shakes, granola bars and bananas! Oh, my! As it warms up here in the great plains, I’m slowly switching over to bike-only commuting mode. By heart rate calculations, my 28+ mile round trip burns […]