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Bloggers at the National Bike Summit

With over 500 people registered to attend the National Bike Summit this week in Washington DC, it’s no wonder that more a few are bloggers. Here are the ones I’ve found so far. Missouri Bicycle Federation. Wash Cycle. Metro Detroit. Bike Portland. Bike Iowa. Dangerblog from Kansas City, MO. Mean Turtle from Arkansas. Alan Snel […]

Trek Encouraging the Midwest to “Go By Bike”

If you commute in the Kansas City, St. Louis or Omaha area you have a wonderful opportunity to encourage some of your friends who have been telling you that they are considering doing the same. There are others in your area that commuting by bike just isn’t feasible, but running short errands would be. Trek […]

Will the high price of oil help make 2008 the Year of the Bicycle? Bicycling’s best year since the start of the auto age? That’s the argument likely to be made this week as hundreds of cyclists from across the nation gather in Washington for the National Bike Summit sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. A crescendo of trends and developments makes the case. First the trends: […]