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“Flintstone Car” Case Thrown Out of Court

by JoelGuelph

You may have seen this video floating around the interwebs a few months back, which shows Michel de Broin’s so called Flintstone Car hitting the street and eventually getting pulled over by Toronto Police. The ’86 Buick Regal was gutted and “equipped with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms that make it possible for passengers to form the self-propulsion group.” The car also used candles in place of the headlights.

Apparently the police didn’t have much of a case:

The car, which has a top speed of 15 kilometres an hour, requires all four occupants to pedal and work together – a sharp contrast to the solitary, effortless experience of a typical car.
As the Crown prosecutor tried to make his case Thursday, the court erupted in laughter, and the charges were thrown out.

The full report from can be seen here.

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4 Responses to ““Flintstone Car” Case Thrown Out of Court”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    Sweet — the judge “saw the light”. After all, isn’t art protected from frivolous laws?

  2. Fritz says:

    I like that part about “the court erupted in laughter.” Here’s the video of the car getting pulled over originally.

  3. bikesgonewild says:

    …ALRIGHT !!!…there IS a bike god…

    …first that video & now the result…awesome & funny…

    …& the pedal car owner was stoked enough that when he left the court & he & some of his buds went for a drive…

  4. JoelGuelph says:

    I found another article that has a little bit more of what the judge said. Check it out here,

    “The Amish used candles in their (buggies)” not long ago, Justice of the Peace Patrick Marum said in his judgment.

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