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Archive for April, 2008

Basil bags now available at YOUR local bike shop

I and many of you have gone ga ga over the beautiful panniers and bags available from Basil Bags in the Netherlands. I loved them so much I bought for my wife last year from Clever Cycles of Portland, OR, which had arranged their own import deal. I learned just today that the big bike […]

The bike industry is coming along

My biggest beef with the US bike industry is the lack of vision of what a bicycle is and can be. The bicycle was stolen by the sport market and they are now seen large and wide as a hobby and/or toy. But things are changing. I spent a lot of time the last three […]

Award: Swobo Del Norte

I got to spend a good while riding the Swobo Del Norte around this morning. While it’s obviously not enough time to do a full review, it was a nice smooth ride I would expect from a single speed. Lots of red bits and chrome handlebar tape (while not the most comfortable) is what makes […]

It’s Spring… Time to get a BOB Trailer!

Thought I’d mention that just launched their annual Spring BOB Trailer Sale.

It’s a great opportunity to get a BOB Trailer at 10% 0ff. Get a BOB Yak from $269 or an Ibex for $332.

New Pedros Trixie tool

Pedros is well known for their bike care products and for being a very environmentally minded company. They’ve recently picked up some new investors and gotten a new infusion of cash. During the press conference yesterday I asked what they would be doing with their new found money and they said: We’re very interested and […]

New Redline “Chick” 925

We’ve reviewed and posted 2008 pics of the Redline 925, however they are now showing the new “Chick” specific model (with matching bag) here at Sea Otter. All the same specs and features as the original 925, but with updated graphics that match from the frame to the saddle to the Basil brand bag. What […]