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Archive for April, 2008

Schwinn Coffee (and Cream)

The Schwinn Coffee is a budget minded commuter bike built with design and function in mind. This very classic looking bike has a lot of great features for the commuter. A rear rack, chain guard, kickstand and steel fenders come stock. The brakes are both Tektro dual pivot and coastor. The swept back handlebars will […]

The Wacky World of Bike Trailer Tents Part 1

As I scrape the edges of the internet for all things related to bike trailers I’ve come across a surprising variety of bicycle trailers with tents built into them. The amount of design that has been put into these towable shelters is at the same time impressive and a bit odd.

When it comes to tents and bike trailers it would seem to me that the simple, obvious solution is to just bring along one of the numerous lightweight backpacking tents. That being said let’s humor these interesting setups with the spirit of invention.

Commuter profile: Suit in the City

One of the more common reasons given why people don’t bike commute is because they can’t wear office wear on their Bianchi Pista track bikes. This bike commuter is architect Riyad Ghannam in San Francisco. He rode is bike to elementary school, middle school, high school, to his college classes in North Carolina, and now […]

2008 Sea Otter

I’m currently sitting in an airport in Chicago on my way out to Monterey, CA for the annual Sea Otter event. I’ll be there with the rest of the Crooked Cog crew covering the show and keeping an eye out for all the newest and brightest products for your commuting pleasure. If you want to […]

Update: How the Surly Big Dummy Rides

I’ve been riding the Surly Big Dummy on a daily basis for a month now and am reading to give my thoughts on how it works from a commuting standpoint. This first segment will focus on how it rides. One of the regular question of longtail bikes is how it rides. In general, it feels […]

Natalie Ramsland on city cycling

Natalie Ramsland is one of the principles of Sweetpea Bicycles and one of the few female framebuilders in the American bicycling industry. Earlier this year, Natalie participated in a panel discussion about City Bicycles in Portland, OR. Though “Women Specific Design” bikes are more available, many of these are either recreational sport bikes for athletes, […]