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Top Ten Worst Cities for Bike Theft (plus, how to lock your bike)

Every year Kryptonite Locks releases their top ten list of the worst cities in America for bike theft. The big surprise this year is, after nine consecutive years, New York was knocked from their top spot (third actually). Also, there was a new city added… New Haven, CT. Here they all are…

Video: America’s Stupidest Bike Lane

The following two videos are from and covers what they think are the stupidest bike lanes in America (and abroad).

Commuting 101: Using Lower Gears

Recent changes to my routes have meant more hilly terrain during my rides. During this time I’ve used gear combinations which I have never used before. I should say that I never dared use before. For some reason, over the last few decades I’ve come to think of using higher gears as the manly choice. […]

J&B Importers pays their employees to bike to work

J&B Importers reimburses their employees $4 for every day they take a sustainable form of transportation to and from work. Here’s the a local news story talking about their program:

Surly Big Dummy Update: Carrying Loads and Living by Bike

After a couple months of daily riding the Surly Big Dummy for everything possible (including a 42 mile, over night camping trip), I’m ready to give my thoughts on how the bike fairs in carrying big loads and whether this is truly a car replacement. If you haven’t read my first two installments of this […]

A few observations about Bike to Work Week and casual commuters

Bike to Work Week,, 2008I’m a year-round bike commuter, usually riding four or five days per week, every week of the year. Every week but Bike to Work Week, that is. Year after year something happens, without fail, usually forcing me to drive the whole week, or a good chunk of it. This year, I drove twice. One day it was because of “white out” conditions on the interstate highway I ride into Flag. I didn’t miss a day this winter due to snow. That had to wait until May.

That said, I did get in three days of BTWW this year, and have a few observations to share.