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Post your Bike to Work Day photos and stories

You rode your bike to work on Bike To Work Day, got the free schwag from the breakfast stations, and took photos of the pretty girls and cute guys on their bikes. Feel free to link to your photo albums and blog entries in the comments here, or post your Bike To Work Day stories […]

Jeff’s Trailer Reviews, Part 1: BOB Trailers

href=””>Coming from the land of two-wheeled trailers, I’ve long held some reservations about the single-wheeled variety. Most two-wheeled models behave in, more or less, the same way. One wheel has always seemed, well, weird. I guess it’s time for me to slay a couple myths about BOB Trailers.

Myth number one: The Hitch

Two-wheeled trailers carry their load squarely on, well, their own two wheels, and only a small portion of the load is transferred to the hitch. Conversely, BOB trailers shift a good portion of their load-carrying capability forward, to the hitch. Not only that, the hitch must also resist the additional torsional force inherent in single-wheeled designs.

Gas wasting tips

We’ve seen tips on how to save gas all over the place. I like Matt’s stories on wasting gas at his blog. I see stuff like Matt reports all the time, where people leave their engines running for now discernible reason. How about you?

Commuting 101: Dealing with Road Rash

I had a rainy commute a few mornings ago. It was the light rain that’s heavier than mist but not quite a shower. Temperatures were pleasantly in the high 50’s. I’m usually careful of slick spots when it’s raining. Particularly, metal surfaces (manhole covers, steel plates and railroad crossings) and painted road stripes are quite […]

Noah’s 15 minutes

Commute By Bike’s own Noah D is momentarily famous. He made the news in Kansas City, Missouri. For Noah Dunker, it started last year when a car part broke down. The Lenexa resident tried to order a replacement, but discovered there was a backlog that would delay its arrival for several months. “I live three […]

Bike to Work Week: Invite a Friend or Coworker

Fear is the biggest deterrent I see to people not commuting by bike.  Being out of shape, getting cleaned up at work, not having the “right” bike, etc etc… these all come second to the fear of sharing the same pavement as those enormous, fast, internal combustion vehicles. When I first began riding my bike […]