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Archive for May, 2008

Motorist Involved in 50 (!) Bicycle Crash

I subscribe to a feed on Google News with the search term bicycle. It tends to be a rather depressing feed, with news stories of bicycles hit by cars on a daily basis. This one stood out among the rest: “Furious driver takes out 50-strong cycle pack” from the Sydney Morning Herald. Witnesses to the […]

Little Things get you Noticed

A couple months ago my daughter drove past me as I was pedaling home in the dark. When I walked into the house she told me that she had seen me, so I took the opportunity to do a little research. Me: “Could you see me fairly well?” Miss T: “Yeah.” Me: “How far away […]

Journalist seeks new bike commuter in New York / New Jersey area

Brooke is working on a commuting-by-bike story for CNBC.com. Are there any new bike commuters in the NY-NJ area who wouldn’t mind being interviewed? Please email Brooke at brooke dot sopelsa at nbcuni dot com.

Join a bicycle convoy

Several individuals and groups have started bike commute convoys around the nation. These group rides provide social interaction and help encourage new riders. Because bike commute convoys generally have a fixed route with time points to allow others to join the convoy, they’re also called bicycle buses or bike trains. Kansas City. Noah (who writes […]

The Wacky World of Bike Trailer Tents Part 2

I’ve been discussing the fusion between bike trailers and tents. In a past post, I looked at the tent shelter bike trailer by Tony of Tony’s Trailers.

This next trailer, the SpeedLobster, seems like it may have been a German Engineering student’s thesis project. It is very impressive in its design and application, but seems to miss the boat a little bit when it comes to real world application.

Puma Urban Motility: The Glow Rider

We talk a lot around here about staying seen and safe while riding at night. You can use lights and reflective material, but what if your bike glowed in the dark? Puma has a bike in their Urban Motility line called the Glow Rider. It comes in two colors (cream and orange), both of which […]