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Driven to crime

Mike Luckovich cartoon from June 10 in the Atlanta Journal Constitution: Driven to crime…

Cycling and wrist discomfort

Matthew mentioned in a comment that his fingers go numb while cycling. There are a couple of things that can cause wrist, hand and finger discomfort while cycling. Wrist pronation. Stand up with your arms hanging down the sides of your body. Your hands are probably more or less flat against your thighs. Now bend […]

Cycling is not just poor man’s transportation

Carlton Reid has been a journalist for various British cycling publications (print and online) for 20 years now. Some of you are familiar with his Quick Release blog, and he’s a good friend to the Crooked Cog team. Carlton posted some commentary on how many news stories about the increase in bicycle commuting lead off […]

Commuting 101: Make Them Hear You

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue. Proverbs 17:27-28 (NIV) …Unless he or she is a cyclist… Children should be seen and not heard. …Unless they’re on a bike. Then they should be both… This is probably more applicable for those of you who ride […]

When $5 in the tank doesn’t cut it

Cars stranded on the side of the highway are starting to make waves in the media.  People who are already trying hard to make ends meet by doing simple things like carpooling or stupid things like aggressive hypermiling (including intentional tailgating and failure to slow down adequately through cornering maneuvers) are still running out of […]

Commute by car and go crazy

According to this LA Times article, sitting stuck in traffic can be bad for your mental health. Dr. Laura Pinegar, a Long Beach psychologist who treats depression and panic disorders, hears a growing number of complaints about traffic anxiety in her practice. “If you’re stuck in traffic, there’s a feeling of being out of control,” […]

Versatile Storage with Cable Locks

Do you live in a part of the country where bike racks and other bike storage is rare or non existent. In these cases a U-Lock may leave you stranded with no where to lock your bike. In theses cases a cable lock may be the perfect choice for to ensure a place to lock […]

Monday Morning Reading

It’s Monday morning and we’re all still wishing it was the weekend. In order to help distract you from doing your work, I’ve put together a series of commuter related links to websites and blogs that will give your fill of daily commute by bike readings. Hint: Alt + Tab (or Command + Tab on […]

CBB Poll: How physical is your job?

This thread at BikeForums brings up an interesting point — what types of jobs do people commute to? Do most bike commuters have sedentary desk jobs? Does anybody commute by bike to a job that involves back breaking hard labor? Where do you fit?


What kind of bicycle diplomat (cyclomat?) are you? If you’re an Obama biker, you probably make eye contact with drivers, signal your turns, and yield the right-of-way when appropriate. If you’re a McCain biker, you have a window punch in your left hand, some Halt in the right, and greet drivers with a wry, Cheney-esque […]