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Seven things bike commuting has taught me

“You can buy some pretty nice bike gear for the price of a tank of gas these days.” This is among the seven things Jason Gilman in Spokane posted in “Seven things bike commuting has taught” at his Metric Century blog. Traffic: Why we drive the way we do by Ted Vanderbilt explains why American […]

Nema Jewel, Thunder Bike Shorts Review

Up until recently I used to say that I would never be caught wearing cycling shorts. I didn’t see the need. Then came a 50 mile ride on Missouri’s KATY Trail last year. A good friend of mine told me that I’d me miserable without the padding the chamois in a pair of cycling shorts […]

Police Officer Assaults NY Critical Mass Biker

In this stunning video, Officer Patrick Pogan of the NYPD violently shoves a cyclist off his bike for no apparent reason. What condemns the officer even more is his report of the incident:

Swobo’s bike designer

Swobo is a favorite among a couple of the editors at Commute By Bike, and I was delighted to see this interview with Sky Yaeger. Sky, who left her product management position at Bianchi USA two years ago to design bikes for Swobo, talks about her design influences and philosophy in the interview. Sky predicts […]

Commuting 101: Make Eye Contact

A huge issue for bike commuters is being seen by drivers on the road. Lot’s of times since they’ve trained themselves only to look for big metal boxes, they can look right at you and not even have it register that you’re there.

First Look: Velorbis Churchill Balloon

On review with Commute by Bike is the Velorbis Churchill Balloon. It’s a Danish style bike built in Germany and distributed here in the States by the Dutch Bicycle Company. This is the first Dutch style comfort bike that has ever been reviewed on this site and the first that I’ve ridden more than around […]

Let’s take bicycling back from the sports enthusiasts

At the end of a recent article, North America’s Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities, I wrote the following: Let’s take bicycling back from the sports enthusiasts! which then resulted in some negative comments:

The Bike Trailer List

We’ve decided to start compiling and organizing a list of available and unavailable bike trailers. We are breaking down the list into categories such as Bike Child Trailers, Bike Cargo Trailers and Bike Pet Trailers. This list is part is part of our Fixer-UP Bike Trailers series of posts. These posts will address fixing up […]

Online maps update

Some changes have occurred in the world of online maps since I last wrote about what’s available. Ask.com used to be the only mapping service with an option for walking directions. They eliminated that when they migrated their map to use Microsoft’s Virtual Earth, which provides only driving directions. While Ask.com removed the walking feature, […]

North America’s Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities

ForbesTraveler.com: Exhibit A: Portland, Oregon, just displaced Copenhagen as the #2 most bike-friendly city in the world. Exhibit B: In Davis, California, more people cycle to work than drive. Exhibit C: A growing number of Minneapolis residents continue to commute by bike through the winter.