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Archive for July, 2008

Bicycle Trailer hitches and couplers

Probably the most common question here at the shop begins with, “so, I bought a used trailer on eBay.” Our follow up question is always, “what brand is the trailer?” The answer will invariably come from this list: Kidarooz, Rhode Gear, Bell, Kool-Stop, Winchester Original, JD Razor, Cannondale, Tanjor, Yakima, Norco USA, or Trek, those […]

Is there a breaking point with gas prices?

I was reading through some of our older articles recently and came across one from 2005 that mentioned gas prices “soaring past $2 a gallon”. Now, over three years later, two bucks a gallon sounds like a deal!

Bike commuting forces fashion dilemmas

Scripps News: When the weather is favorable, Terry Plowman can get from home to his downtown Pittsburgh job in about 45 minutes. Not by car or bus, but by an increasingly popular mode of commuting — bicycle. And after a quick change from his biking gear to business casual, Plowman is ready for another day […]

New Bike Commuting Book: Bike to Work

There’s some exciting news to announce… Carlton Reid (of Bike Biz and Quickrelease.tv) and I are teaming up to write a new book, Bike to Work. Once released, it will be the definitive guide on bike commuting.

Quick Tip: Hang Your U-Lock Key-Side Down

If you are anticipating rain while your bike is locked up, try to orient your lock in such way that water will run out of the lock cylinder.  This may make it harder to access the keyhole, but it will help prevent corrosion. The problem is worse in the winter, when my lock picks up […]

Bike Commuting Australians Save Millions in Health Care

Carectomy.com: A recent report entitled Cycling: Getting Australia Moving indicates that by improving their health, cyclists saved about $227.2 million Australian per year. Dr Rob Moodie, Professor of Global Health at the University of Melbourne’s Nossal Institute and author of the report, said “this report demonstrates the considerable benefit offered to individuals and governments by […]