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Archive for July, 2008

One Wheel or Two?

Bicycle trailers are fast becoming a viable transportation option in the face of the changing energy scheme. With that, many calls are received at the Bike Trailer Shop headquarters about the basics of trailer design. One of the more frequent considerations when selecting a trailer is the wheel count. Are you better off with a […]

Top 5 Rules for Riding on the Sidewalk

The subject of riding bikes on the sidewalks continues to be a hotly debated topic. Despite your stance on the subject, the fact remains that it’s going to happen, so I want to share the top five rules that must be followed when choosing the sidewalk over the road. Fear is, by far, the biggest […]

Le Tour! The Tour de France

Have you noticed anymore road bikes on your commute.  This morning, I added two “roadies” to my mental catalogue of fellow commuters.  Could it be because of the Tour de France.  Quite possibly, according to the owner of my local bike shop.  He says road bike sales generally go up during the last two weeks […]

650 foot commute — by car

Lasse Jonsson Malmoe, Sweden won a “most ridiculous commute” contest. He drives his car less than 650 feet from home to work every day, and drives another several feet for lunch. His prize for winning the contest: a bicycle. Read more.

Burley Encore Trailer Review

We’d like to introduce our newest blog author and Bike Trailer Shop Sales Manager, Dave Herbold aka Gnome of OneSpeeder.com fame. Dave’s first post is kicking off our 4th of July Burley Child Trailer Sale with a review of the Burley Encore that he’s been testing out with his son. So here’s Dave:I’m both the […]

Back on the Bike (plus, two new additions to two families)

Today was my first commute by bike in close to a month. Here’s the reason…