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Archive for August, 2008

Ivan Basso rides a Raleigh One Way

We really like the Raleigh One Way bicycle, a sweet steel singlespeed bike with fenders and wide tires that’s great for city riding. Professional cyclist Ivan Basso apparently agrees… Read more at Raleigh Commuters blog, from where I stole this photo.

Manitoba Bike Commuter Rides 112 Miles a Day

Wow! Simply, wow. CBC News has a feature up about a guy riding 112 miles (round trip) twice a week. Doing the math, he averages a little over 22 MPH. Mike Caslor says “My office mates think I’m a little bit crazy. But in many ways, part of the reason I do this is to […]

Abused commuter bikes

Yesterday we talked about hot road bikes for the commute. Lightweight road bikes, though, can be a little finicky, and many of us like to keep the sporting equipment in pristine condition. In a comment, Steve asked the question: “What constitutes ‘commuter bike abuse’?” A few things come to mind for me; I’m sure CBB […]

Hot road bikes for the commute

Here at Commute By Bike we focus primarily on utility bikes designed more for practical transportation rather than fast sport recreation. I know many of you, however, like the fast road bikes. My good friend Ken Conley in Silicon Valley is a fast bike fanatic who rides his bike to work. He recently had an […]

Chat LIVE: Join me right now (we’re done, check the update)

UPDATE 2: It’s over and we had a great time. Look for the next announcement in the near future! UPDATE: We’ve got over 20 people talking and some great discussion on lights going. Join us… I’m trying something new today with Commute by Bike. I’ve setup a chat area so you can ask your commuter […]

RideTheCity.com: Safe bike routes for NYC

Live in New York City? Ever wondered what the safest route is between where you are and where you want to go? Check out RideTheCity.com. It’s a mash-up application based on Google Maps that uses several different data points to help you safely find your way through the city by bike.