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Archive for August, 2008

Civia Cycles 2009 : New Model

Civia Cycles is releasing snippets of a new bike that is going to be released at Interbike ’09.  The bike is geared for shorter distance commutes with the ability to carry more due to front and rear racks coming stock on the bikes.  A gentler geometry than what is found on the Hyland.  An internally […]

Driving in America: 1950

Disney’s perspective of driving in 1950. Goofy stars as a Jekyll and Hyde character, Mr. Walker/Mr. Wheeler. When he’s a pedestrian he’s mild-mannered and rational; when he’s a driver he’s mad and bad. It’s amazing to see that the issues we faced over half a century ago haven’t gotten any better. Video posted by our […]

Traffic engineers are not cyclists

Born Again Cycles recycles bicycles in Melbourne, Australia. BAC blogger Mark Horner rants about a topic that might resonate with many of us, that the people who design our streets are not cyclists. The problem is that those who research, design and implement solutions for the vulnerability of cyclists within increasingly frenetic ordinary road situations […]

Spike Bike

Since some people are talking guns and bikes in the previous post, I thought I’d bring up Bob Fishell’s old “Spike Bike” stories from the late 80s. Bob wrote those stories in 1988 and 1989. One story was published in an issue of the now-defunct Cyclist magazine. Bob told me a short while ago that […]

The continued clash of bike and car commuters

This New York Times article, Moving Targets, is a fascinating read about the growing animosity between cyclists and drivers on the roads. While the main subject focuses on the issue of sharing the road, there’s also several interesting nuggets of information gold buried in there. Here’s my take on it…

Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie commutes by bike

This story about Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie is very cool. As a Mormon he spent two years as a missionary, so perhaps that’s where he got his bike riding start. It’s excellent that he still gets around by bike. It seems as if half the Orioles team gets around on two wheels and […]