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Archive for August, 2008

Friday news and blog roundup

SF Bay Area firm pays 58.5 cents per mile for employees who bike for their jobs. “Schools move to eject cars from campuses,” USA Today. Dutch Bike Company Seattle to open a store in Chicago next month. They’ll sell Bakfiets, Velobris, Retrovelo, WorkCycle and other European utility bikes in the Windy City. Check out this […]

Billy the Boombox (Custom Music Bike Trailer)

Our fellow bicycle trailer enthusiast, Ryan Cooper, contacted us about a custom music bike trailer that he cooked up. We decided to post up his words and photos about his project. Also, check out another music trailer we reviewed. The Origin of The Project: “The local Critical Mass group completed their May ride and pedaled […]

Setting Up a Commuter Station

Recently Cool Breeze Cyclery in Mooresville, NC gave me a small sector of their store to make into a “Commuter Station.” The idea is to have all the prominent commuter products in one place, with information and maybe a Trek 7.2FX bike with all the accessories installed to show how they work. My question for […]

Sport Utility Bike

Anthony and Nickie Stout live car-free in Longmont, Colorado with their two small children. Among their several bikes is the “Lllama” — a Surly Big Dummy with custom crafted rear seats that they use for camping trips in the Colorado Rocky Mountains Front Range. Of the Big Dummy, Anthony writes: it is remarkable how much […]

Bike Shops See Boom Amid Rising Consumer Costs

courant.com They’re peddling as fast as they can over at the bicycle shop. Restaurants aren’t doing well with energy prices sky high and the economy souring. You wouldn’t want to be selling powerboats this summer with gas at $4 a gallon. But long after the usual springtime crush of business, bike shops are still overrun […]

Golf Carts Approved on Roads: This Matters

A small town in Illinois recently passed a law approving golf cart use on their roadways. Why does this matter to us?