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Interbike 2008: Trends

by Richard Masoner

I’m at the first day of Interbike 2008 in Las Vegas with others in the Crooked Cog crew. Here are a few things I’ve seen:

  • Attendance is incredible — the show floor is absolutely packed with a record number of booths and attendees.
  • Everybody is offering single speed and fixed gear bikes. The companies that already offered singlespeed bikes are now “civilizing” these bikes by adding gears and other commuter-friendly features to them.
  • Disc brakes and internal hub gearing seems very popular.
  • Innumerable clothing vendors selling traditional bike jerseys and shorts, but many with more or less “regular” clothing.

I’ll post specifics later tonight. Surly has new colors on their bikes, the 2009 Bianchis are much more lovely in real life than the catalog photos convey, Rans has a cool semi-recumbent longtail bike, Dahon is here in force. I also scored a shirt from Fat Cyclist. Woo hoo!

BOB Trailer x 2

2 Responses to “Interbike 2008: Trends”

  1. Fritz,

    Sorry we didn’t run into each other at InterBike but with so many people there and so much product to see, it’s not surprising. There were others I expected to see at some point but that didn’t happen either. Oh well; another time…


  2. Chris says:

    any disc equipped drop bar commuters? ala the lemond propad disc? steel would be sweet…

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