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Archive for September, 2008

Mark Sanders folding bike

I got to try out the new Pacific Cycles Integrated Folding (IF) bike designed by Mark Sanders. This bike is something like a full sized version of the Strida folding bike. Like the Strida, it folds in half quickly, with unique uni-“forks” so the wheels lay flat against each other. James at Bicycle Design is […]

The bikes of Urban Legends

The ladies of Momentum Magazine put on the Urban Legends Fashion and Art Show last night at Interbike. DJ Miss Dust spun her urban tunes as models rode show bikes around the runway. The readers of Commute By Bike are naturally more interested in the bikes than the models. They rode bikes like this pretty […]

Why So Serious?

When did bicycle commuting become so serious? Perhaps you’re really new to bicycle commuting and the grimacing look on your face is the end result of either missing your car or getting your behind used to the saddle again. SMILE! You’re participating in one of the healthiest, funnest and safest ways to get around!

Biria bicycles

Biria USA imports their Euro-designed bikes from their parent company in Germany. They have a nice looking design with a step through frame that allows riders to mount the bike without dislocating anything. They’ve sold an electric bike in Germany for the past couple of years. Biria’s American dealers kept asking for the electric bike. […]

Interbike: Pinhead Bike Locking System

Pinhead Components makes a line of products that will keep your bike and all it’s bits safe from thieves.. The locking mechanism keeps your wheels, seat post and fork secure and the added benefits their website offers makes this a great security measure for your bike.

Cordaround Bike To Work Pants

Cordaround — a San Francisco clothing company — introduced their “Bike To Work” pants today. They call these pants “everyday khakis with inner brilliance.” At the office, they’re regular office wear. On the bike, you flip up the cuffs and flip out the pockets to reveal reflective strips. See the video below for a demonstration […]