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What is this? (plus, win a free prize!)

What is this a graphic of? First person to figure it out AND put a link to where they found it gets a free one… (make sure you leave your real email address with the comment)

Bikes belong

In response to a letter to the editor claiming cyclists don’t belong on the road, Andrew Posner writes a rebuttal at Treehugger.com, specifically addressing these main points: Bicycles are slow, hard to see and vulnerable. Too many cyclists don’t know the rules of the road. Unlike drivers, cyclists are not required to have insurance, and […]

Pictures of me riding…

All the pictures I ever post here at commutebybike.com are of the bikes while I’m behind the camera. Well during some test riding over the past couple days a few people actually snapped some photos of me in the wild. So here they are…

Interbike 2008: Pashley Guv’nor

This beautiful bike is a throw back to an early 1930’s model that Pashley built and carried. This new version was built early last year for one of the owners as a personal bike. It was never intended to get moved into their product line. However, a last minute decision put it in the shipping […]

10 Tips For Staying Motivated

If you have some other method of transportation, the occasional temptation is there to eschew the bike for a day, a week, or even for the entire winter. Bike commuting can seem old or boring if you’ve been doing it a while. Here are some tips for staying motivated.

Interbike Outdoor Demo Day 1

The Interbike Outdoor Demo is a couple days out in Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City Nevada suffering through riding as many new bikes as possible. The first bike that caught my eye was the Pashley Guvnor.. The original one was built up for the owner as a fun bike for him.. Last year they showed it at […]

Bike share… in China

China was once known as the Bicycle Kingdom, but with increased affluence has come increased motorized traffic and government restrictions against bikes as China is now the second largest car market in the world behind the United States. China is on track to overtake the United States in the length of its long distance highways […]

Commuting 101: Avoid Target Fixation

Man, I hope I don’t run into that… Recently, I’ve had a series of close encounters with critters, storm debris, buckles in the pavement, other cyclists and pedestrians on the multi-purpose path. Something in a book I was reading seemed applicable: “…your hands are hardwired to your eyes. Look ahead; see where you want to […]

Meet the Commute by Bike Crew (plus, Interbike next week…)

Next week the Commute by Bike crew will be in Las Vegas, Nevada covering the Interbike tradeshow. If you’re in the area or attending the show, make sure you come check out the Blogger Mobile Social at the VIP tent of the USA Crits Finals Thursday night at Mandalay Bay. You’ll get a chance to […]

Yahoo’s purple bikes

Yahoo created a small fleet of purple bicycles equipped with a camera, GPS receiver, cell phone and (solar) power for this gear and deployed the bikes around the world to chronicle their journeys. The cameras take a photo every 60 seconds and post them automatically with geo tags to Flickr, where you can see the […]