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Archive for September, 2008

Interbike: Salsa Fargo, adventure touring (and commuting?)

A lot of people are having trouble categorizing the new Salsa Cycles Fargo. They’re labeling it an “adventure touring” bike. It has all the comfort for long distances of a touring bike while built as a mountain bike. It looks to be the perfect bike for long gravel roads and perhaps some adventure commuting.

Interbike: The Loring – an affordable, practical side of Civia

Last year Civia caused quite the stir when they launched their brand with the Hyland line that started at $2500 and quickly went up. After giving the Hyland a ride I was less than impressed with the comfort and versatility of the bike. However this year Civia is releasing their new line, the Loring. A […]

What is this? (plus, win a free prize!)

What is this a graphic of? First person to figure it out AND put a link to where they found it gets a free one… (make sure you leave your real email address with the comment)

Bikes belong

In response to a letter to the editor claiming cyclists don’t belong on the road, Andrew Posner writes a rebuttal at, specifically addressing these main points: Bicycles are slow, hard to see and vulnerable. Too many cyclists don’t know the rules of the road. Unlike drivers, cyclists are not required to have insurance, and […]

Pictures of me riding…

All the pictures I ever post here at are of the bikes while I’m behind the camera. Well during some test riding over the past couple days a few people actually snapped some photos of me in the wild. So here they are…

Interbike 2008: Pashley Guv’nor

This beautiful bike is a throw back to an early 1930’s model that Pashley built and carried. This new version was built early last year for one of the owners as a personal bike. It was never intended to get moved into their product line. However, a last minute decision put it in the shipping […]