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Pearl Izumi Sprint Shoes : Initial Thoughts

Roughly a month ago I blew threw my favorite pair of do all cycling shoes, Sidi Dominators.  They have had a good life, and just needed a cleat repair so I put them on the rack until they could be repaired and went hunting for a new pair of shoes in the shop.  Originally the […]

Fitting BOB Trailer Parts on a Yakima Big Tow

For about 5 or 6 years, Yakima was manufacturing what I consider to be a “knock-off” version of the BOB Trailer. This trailer, named the Big Tow, utilized a trailer-to-bike mounting system with feature very similar to BOB Trailer’s patented mounting system. Yakima agreed to pay a royalty to BOB Trailers to use this system. […]

Spoke and Word

Like you, we’re all avid bike blog readers here. I personally read as many as I can find, big and small. If someone took the time to write about it, it gets added to my Google reader. Of course, I have almost 1,000 unread messages and over 40 blogs in there, but that doesn’t stop […]

Win a Cannondale Bad Boy Bicycle

You can win a Cannondale Bad Boy Bicycle by designing the next great commuter bike! If you have an idea for a bicycle that might persuade the average person, with no prior interest in cycling, to park the car and pedal to work, then the commuter bike design contest sponsored by Cannondale might be for […]

How cold is it?

Thanks for the tremendous response on if you plan to ride over the winter or not. I saw a lot of great questions that I hope to investigate over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, the U.S. national weather report shows rain and snow over much of the U.S. Midwest today. I’m supposed […]

Beware Being Doored: Broken Bones & Bicycling Blues

Cyclists beware, this is a rough season. It’s that time of year again here in Flagstaff, Arizona. Fall, that hazy season in between summer and winter. Chilly in the mornings and warm during the day with the occasional wind advisory. All bicyclists know to be cautious when riding alongside cars in busy areas. Riding as […]

Light up Your Trailer, the mLite Sale

The days are getting shorter and its much easier to get caught out after dark on the commute home or with that afternoon ride. If you’ve got a cargo or child trailer in tow, we’ve got a clever light that will mount on your bike trailer’s safety flag for extra high up visibility. We’re celebrating […]

WSJ: Commuting on two wheels

Video from the Wall Street Journal. Many Londoners are using a greener way to get to work, especially when looking to cut costs. MarketWatch’s Kim Hjelmgaard explains why bicycling to the office is more attractive than ever.

Xtracycle Build up : Anatomy

Arleigh is building, documenting and writing out her build up of a Salsa Ala Carte mountain bike with 650b wheels and a Xtracycle Free Radical Kit. This is an on going series so stay tuned for more installments. Now on to explain the Xtracycle frame what all the holes, poles and brackets are for. Going […]

Commuting 101: Carrying Your Laptop

I’ve often noticed that many of the people I see commuting by bike are technical or business folks, working in IT or other white-collar positions. I, like many of them, have to carry a laptop to and from work. This usually brings up questions. On my personal blog, the question was asked again: “[Do you] […]