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Archive for November, 2008

Those grimy derailleurs

Winter brings harsh conditions. Road grime, salt, sand, and slush can wreak havoc on your drivetrain. My winter commuter was abused over the summer and fall months. Getting my stubborn, grimy derailleurs to shift smoothly again was a time-consuming adventure. Considering the fact that I was about to buy a new pair of derailleurs, though, […]

Grand Opening Sale!

The Bike Bag Shop is proud to announce its Grand Opening. To celebrate, get 10% off on all Ortlieb items (+ an additional 10% of with our Bike Gear Combo Discounts) through December 14th. Ortlieb panniers and bags make great bike gifts for bike enthusiasts. The Bike Bag Shop is our partner shop to our […]

Cycling gear from the hardware store

“P” at Nippleworks reveals that he uses safety glasses from the hardware store for cyclocross racing. Eye protection is helpful for commuting, too: I know a handful of people who’ve had to recover from a bug flying into their eyes. For riding at dusk or in cloudy conditions, amber lenses improve contrast. Clear glasses are […]

Bike to Work Book free chapters

Happy Friday, everybody! Carlton Reid has posted a sampler of free chapters from the Bike To Work Book for your online viewing pleasure. Carlton is doing this in collaboration with Commute By Bike. Let us know what you think of the book.

Bike Tour Preparation: P1 – Destination

The complete blog series on this tour: Bike Tour Preperation: Part 1 Destination, Part 2 Training, Part 3 Pack Up! PCH Tour: There, Biking Back with Burley, The Good, The Bad and The Burley Preparing for a bicycle tour is a lot of work. There are many factors to take into consideration from planning the […]

BrightKiters Bike to Work in Denver

Brightkite is a relatively new start-up in the social networking space. They’re tired of social networks that tie you to your cubicle or your desk at home. They wanted something mobile. Something that fostered real-life interaction with people near you. I suppose it’s not surprising that they like their bicycles.