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Archive for January, 2009

Beating the effects of cold weather

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, making snowmen with the kids or riding a bicycle in sub-freezing temperatures, those who subject themselves to harsh winter conditions will eventually start to feel its wrath. Some of this stuff might seem girly, but all who spend time outdoors in the winter can benefit from these simple tips. As […]

Business Troubleshooting Issue #1

I’ve decided to start keeping a journal of all of the various business crisis that we generally have to deal with on a somewhat regular basis here at Wandertec, Inc. My primary objective is to give myself a record to refer back to when a similar problem occurs. But I figure that my trials and […]

Levels of Government Using Bike Sharing

It seems like there are going to be more officials using bicycles across our country in their line of work. The government has recognized across the board that bicycles take up less space, give much needed exercise and are easy to use on many forms of transportation. First there is Wheels4Wellness, which is a Federal […]

How do you motivate yourself to ride?

Sean asks an excellent question: How do we keep ourselves motivated when it’s cold and wet outside and the days are short? What do you do to stay motivated to cycle to and from work, day in and day out? Sioux gave her suggestion: she thinks of every ride as an adventure. So how about […]

Wall Street Journal: Get rid of your car

It’s a strange new world indeed when the Wall Street Journal publishes an article showing how much of a money pit the family car is. If you really want to see where your money is going, take a closer look at your car. Foreign or domestic, it doesn’t matter. It’s a cash guzzler, and it […]

Update on Commuter Station

My new shop has been open about 2 months now and we are slowly working out the commuter station and various areas of the shop to promote using your bicycle for transportation, utility or recreation. The first thing we did when laying out the shops floor plan was make half of the shop for recreation. […]