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Archive for February, 2009

Commuter Checks for bicycling now available

All of the pre-tax employee transit benefits I’ve seen have been in the form of “Commuter Check” programs that are outsourced to third party benefit providers hired by human resources departments to handle the paperwork and distribute the transit benefits in the form of “Commuter Checks” that are redeemable at transit agencies. One of these […]

Salsa CroMoto Stem Recall

Salsa Cycles is working with the Consumer Products Safety Commission on a recall of the CroMoto S.U.L. stem. Please see the attached letter from Salsa General Manager Jason Boucher and the press release from the CPSC. Salsa is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality, safe bicycle products. We are extremely disappointed that this situation […]

Torker Cargo-T

Take a look at the new Torker Cargo-T bicycle available from your Local Bike Shop in the United States. Seattle Bike Supply has apparently listened to their customers with cargo bikes, because the Cargo-T with its 4130 Chromoly frame and fork has very practical features like a sturdy center kickstand, a step through frame, chainguard […]

Xtracycle Month of Love Specials 2/26 – 3/1

A quick mention of some great Xtracycle Specials. The Xtracycle Cargo Van Special for $499 includes the following items: FreeRadical Kit, 1 WideLoader,1 Longloader, 2 Whatchamacollars, and 2 CamStraps The Xtracycle Family Van Special for $499 includes the following items: FreeRadical Kit. Magic Carpet, Footsies, and a Stoker Kit + Get an Xtracycle KickBack for […]

Kooks, freaks and weirdos on the bike

I got a note over the weekend from Canadian journalist Lesley Simpson, who wants “eccentric characters about the global commuting movement among cyclists for a CBC TV documentary.” With an explosion of bike commuters over the past year as wallets have taken a hit from rising gas prices and declining income, it’s sometimes a little […]

File Organization

For the past few weeks we’ve been organizing all of our files and file names. Having worked on my own developing this business for the first two years, it was generally hard to justify the time it would take to develop a uniform method for organizing my files. As a new business, it was also […]