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Practical transportation… and a viewing platform

by Richard Masoner

The Xtracycle Free Radical is a favorite among transportation cyclists because of their hauling capability. I saw a Free Radical yesterday in Santa Cruz used as an elevated viewing platform during the Tour of California. Fun stuff!

Race Fans: Amgen Tour of California Santa Cruz

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4 Responses to “Practical transportation… and a viewing platform”

  1. kaz kougar says:

    I could be wrong but somehow I get the feeling that’s not a very big dude (look at his feet). Any thoughts on how the Xtra cycle would hold up under the weight and dimensions of someone of larger, more average proportions- say 6′ 185lbs? Weight may not be the issue as much as distribution of weight? Thoughts?

  2. Fritz says:

    My camera has a slimming effect on people 😉

    Seriously, though, long telephoto lenses do make people seem a little thinner, which is why they’re often favored for portrait photography. The guy seemed almost stocky when I walked next to him before I took the photo.

  3. Ghost Rider says:

    The Xtra is rated for 200 lbs. of cargo — and I think that is quite conservative…I’ve communicated with other Xtra riders who routinely carry far in excess of the published weight limit. So, a 185 lb. person standing on the back of this thing shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever.

    Just make sure you’ve got a STRONG centerstand. A flimsy kickstand just ain’t gonna cut it in this case!

  4. A.lo says:


    I’m not lean by any means… 220 lbs, carried and surfed a friend around Grand Rapids back in November and he comes around at 150 lbs. It was a good 15 mile ride, no worries.

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