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2010 Kona Commuter Bike Preview

by Bike Shop Girl

The new 2010 Kona Bikes are up on their website. To save you some time I introduce you to the 2010 Kona Bikes that are commuter friendly out of the box.

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8 Responses to “2010 Kona Commuter Bike Preview”

  1. Barila says:

    Which one?????

  2. Rex –

    Where do you see this was a review?

  3. Rex says:

    That wasn’t a review, it was just a waste of time. Sorry man.

  4. Finkmoney says:

    AD- That’s because the hood placement on the wagon series is dead WRONG. i’ve been in the business for a good 15 years and that just isn’t even close to right…..

  5. Mike Pearson says:

    It’s not listed in there, but I’ve been commuting for a couple of months on a Kona Jake.

    I think it’s a great all-round bike. It’s tough, has a comfy hood or drop position, has secondary, inboard, brake levers on the flat section of the bars so you can sit up in traffic. Also, it’ll take a full set of mudguards and rack.

    Swap out the tires and you’ve got a respectable road bike or a cyclocrosser (which is what it’s built for) too.

  6. jamesmallon says:

    Track bars on a city bike are dumb, much less that low. I switched the bars on my 09 Paddy (were not track bars, but had too short drops) and got a stem to bring the bars up an inch. MUCH better. Fenders, bottle cages and spd clipless makes it a fine all-weather trainer/commuter.

  7. ad says:

    The brake lever position on the paddy, band, and grand wagon just looks odd. Drop bar levers on a fairly track-style drop bar makes absolutely no sense to me. Seems like fashion won out over function this year. The riders wrist looks like it would be bent at a pretty severe angle if riding on the hoods, imgaine the pain that position would cause over time. It’s a shame, because otherwise they look like solid–if not a little too expensive–bikes.

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