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A Contraflow Bike Lane in Washington D.C

by Bike Shop Girl

Contraflow Bike Lane

DC will soon have its first protected bicycle lane. DDOT is ready to begin construction on a protected, contraflow lane for bicyclists to ride south on 15th Street NW between U Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

By placing the lane adjacent to the sidewalk, buffered from high-speed traffic by parked cars, this will create a more comfortable environment for cyclists. According to a letter DDOT sent to residents, work will begin sometime in the next week depending on weather, and take about five days.

A protected bike lane in Washington D.C.  Maybe I can ask Gwadzilla to take some photos of the construction and final product.

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10 Responses to “A Contraflow Bike Lane in Washington D.C”

  1. Aha – we also have quite a few of those in London – I took a picture of one which seems to have aroused quite a bit of interest – sometimes it’s quite difficult to know what you’re meant to do … especially if the signs are a little, shall we say, complex! Here’s the link to a photo and a few comments:

  2. Gwadz –

    Thanks again for keeping up tabs with what is happening over here. I’ll keep up with wash cycle but please let us know as construction continues.

    I’m not sold on a contraflow lane, but we shall see

  3. gwadzilla says:

    what matt said…

    I thought I commented saying that WASH CYCLE had already taken that much needed photo


    I guess it got lost in the electronic wash

    thanks for the SHOUT OUT!

    GWADZILLA is not the powerhouse it should be.

  4. erik says:

    I don’t think this is a good idea because I see people ignore bike lanes all the time. If the bike lane is adjacent to the street, if there is a blockage in the bike lane, then you can just go on the street. But if there is a blockage on the bike lane, there is nowhere to go since there is a car on one side and the sidewalk on the other side.

  5. locus says:

    Bike Shop Girl,

    Thanks for keeping tabs on the riding environment in our nation’s capital. Long ago, I was a student in your neck of the woods (or at least, one city south of it). Hopefully the traffic around the Lake isn’t that much of a bear.

  6. Seems like a good idea…

    Hope the road plan/sign will also be pedestrians aware…

  7. Chrisg says:

    We have quite a few contra flow cycle lanes here in Cambridge (UK) one of the main problems we have with them is pedestrians stepping out in front of cyclists because they only look in the direction cars come from. I guess the protected lane will help to stop this, but it would also carry the risk of being doored, but not as badly as the drivers should be facing oncoming cyclists and the door will be closed by collision lessening the impact.

    An interesting idea – hope it works out

  8. gwadzilla says:

    that is really more the WASH CYCLE scene

    and they just covered it

  9. gwadzilla says:

    the city fails me everyday

    there are changes all the time
    most of these changes occur with no consideration of the bicycle

    I tried to get involved

    but then I saw that it was more of a fight that I was ready to get involved in

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