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Q & A : Input for Commute By Bike

As we have mentioned that Commute By Bike has changed hands and the site has gotten rolling in the past week. Now that the site has been live for two weeks with constant updates, tips and reviews we would like your input. If you could take the time to help make this site better please […]

Burley’s New Bike Commuting Trailer, The Travoy

Ride for the Trees

Massachusetts Bikers : Traffic Laws are Being Enforced

Across the state of Massachusetts you will be seeing more police officers focusing on traffic laws.  The officers will be working overtime hours to not only enforce, but educate about traffic laws and safety.  A subject that is very behind if the United States is going to propel forward the issue of bike commuting or […]

Rainy Day Commute

My questions for you are, how was your ride this morning and how will you be gearing up for winter? There is a range of articles we are working on to get you through this winter safer and more comfortable but for now I would like to hear from you!

Batavus Bikes : Dutch Designed, Dutch Built

Although a recent arrival to the North American market, Batavus is a century-old quintessential Dutch bike manufacturer. Their line-up of urban and transportation oriented bikes are targeted to the daily bike commuter looking for a dependable and low maintenance means of getting to-and-fro.

Trek’s Ride+ Electric Bikes

This past August was Trek World where dealers of Trek, Gary Fisher and Bontrager go and learn all about the next years product. One of the hot ticket items was the electric assist bike line up from Trek.

Portland’s Bike Commute Challenge Wrap Up

Every September the Bike Commute Challenge, where work places go up against other work places for fierce competition, happens in Portland, OR

Commute Route Database

A reader, See Wah, wrote in to tell us about his new cycle commute route database he built up. I am a software developer who commutes to work in London, U. everyday. Previousl. I have use. different route planners online (e.g. the pretty goo. but the. tend to take you down some obscur. sidestreets, […]

Trek and Bontrager has Gone Eco

Going green has been an bike industry trend for a couple years now and the Trek/Bontrager brands are taking it to the next level. Bontrager has teamed up with Alchemy Goods, maker of fine bags made out of recycled tubes and parts, to bring Bontrager branded seat bags and panniers. All the bags are said […]