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Archive for October, 2009

El Duke Degreaser Review : Intro

El Duke is a soy based degreaser that has a pleasant smell and easy to handle for the skin. For the past 5 years I’ve used two different degreasers to clean up my commuter bikes. Oranj Peelz from Pedro’s and diluted Simple Green. As a commuter my bikes get pretty gummed up, frames have the […]

This Week in Commuting News

My goal in these weekly round ups are not only to highlight what was talked about here, on Commute By Bike, but across the newswire, blogosphere and maybe even in my shop. As long as it is about commuting, it may find its way here. Outside Magazine has an article on Bike Commuting 101. Bike […]

Honda is Taking Action for Bicycle Safety

Of all companies to invest in safety of people on bicycles, Honda is leading the charge. Tokyo, Oct 15, 2009 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced plans to begin Japan-wide sales starting February 2010, of the Honda Bicycle Simulator developed for the purpose of traffic safety education. By safely experiencing the […]

Custom S&S Coupler BOB Trailer + BOB Trailer Specials

Sycip S&S Coupler BOB Trailer One of our readers recently sent us some photos of his custom BOB Trailer that was modified by Jeremy Sycip of SyCip bikes. The modification came about when our reader went on a tour to Costa Rica. He had packed his BOB into a duffel bag for the flight, but […]

Utility Cycling Meets Sport Cycling…Sorta

A Brake Light for Your Bicycle : The Spooklight

A wireless brake light for your bike, is it possible.  With technology from various industries touching the cycling world now it is exciting to see what new inventions will come about. The Spooklight made by 50cycles is a waterproof brake light for your bicycle. The light is wireless, allowing freedom for the remote on your […]