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How Many Bikes Can You Lock to a Shoe?

Planet Bike Blaze 2W : Quick Review

One our new sponsors, Planet Bike, had a pretty incredible new product hit the cycling market in the past week. Planet Bike has a new light called the Blaze 2W. The Blaze 1W has been somewhat of an industry standard for affordable LED or go to product in bike shops. If you want a reliable, […]

What’s Your Reason?

Custom Xtracycle Decks & Xtracycle Kits on Sale

Brand Name Boards Custom Xtracycle Deck Brand Name Boards, which is based out of Durango, Colorado, makes custom snap decks to use on an Xtracycle. They make a beautiful assortment of boards from the surfboard version (shown on our Radish below) to a cushioned board for comfortable sitting. Check out the video below to watch […]

Gary Fisher Gritty for Review

Gary Fisher introduces the Gritty, styled after the freestyle fixed gear bikes that are the new trend in the fixed gear scene. The price tag at $439 isn’t a bad place to start for your freestyle-esque bike but as a commuter I see huge potential.

Interbike Awards

Hi there readers! I apologize for the hiatus, but my MA thesis has now been submitted, and I can now turn my attention to more important matters, such as Interbike. I realize that the blogosphere has been inundated with Interbike related posts for the lasts few weeks, but here is just one more in […]