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ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle

Is it a stair stepper or a bicycle? Maybe both.  Meet the ElliptiGO.  The elliptical bicycle could be handy for your daily commute.  Your business attire may thank you as there is no chain to grab the cuff of your pants or grease if you lean the bike the wrong way at a stop sign. […]

Commute By Bike on Flickr

We have a new group on Flickr for you to add all of your commuter bike rides, videos and bicycle photos.  Join up today and maybe you’ll wake up to your photo being featured on!

Fyxation Session 700 Tires | Stylish & Durable

Style and function are two things that the bike industry are taking note of..  More product is being designed first for function, durability and ease only to be followed up with design. When companies get this right it won’t be long before their product is sought after by fixie riders and cruiser riding mom’s with […]

Washington’s Vulnerable User Law

It seems like a pretty important law, Washington’s Vulnerable User Law, is going up to be passed in January 2010. Each year in Washington state, nearly 500 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed or critically injured by motor vehicles. Shockingly, almost none of these drivers is ever held accountable.In the vast majority of cases, these collisions […]

Cordaround The Urban Awareness Jacket

Over a year ago Cordaround released their Bike to Work Pants which were tagged as “everyday khakis with inner brilliance.” Now they have released a new jacket tagged “The Urban Awareness Jacket.”

2010 Kona Commuter Bike Preview

The new 2010 Kona Bikes are up on their website. To save you some time I introduce you to the 2010 Kona Bikes that are commuter friendly out of the box.

Zero Per Gallon Under New Ownership

The very catching “Zero Per Gallon” company and blog was recently taken over by Kit Kohler from the founder Jonny Waldman. From Kit about the new Zero Per Gallon : I am massively excited to take things over. Expect to hear more from ZPG soon, including a new site, tales from the Tour de Fat, […]

The U.S is Not Europe, Can it Ever Be?

I would love to think within my life time my children would have a safe way to get to their school 7 miles away and I wouldn’t be such the odd-ball by commuting to work daily. Unfortunately the part of the country I live in isn’t as bicycle friendly as Portland, Oregon or others listed on the top bicycle friendly cities.

2009 Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Congratulations to the 45 businesses named a Bicycle Friendly Business from the League of American Bicyclist.

A Camper Bike in Photos

Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings. For the complete cyclist that wants to take everything, including the kitchen sink.  Maybe the ultimate touring machine as well.  If it starts raining, hop in the back to take a nap.  All […]