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Big Day At BikeShopHub.com!

by Josh Lipton

bikeshophub-0181We’re having plenty of excitement today at the Bike Shop Hub.

First off, our customer service/accounting specialist, Megan, is the proud new mother of a beautiful baby girl named Neva. Neva was born on Saturday night.

And second up, we are welcoming on board our new programmer, Frank. We are very excited to have Frank joining our team. Frank brings a wealth of experience in e commerce and web programming skills. Frank will be coordinating the launch of our new website BikeKidShop.com and the move of BikeTrailerShop.com into the platform that is shared with BikeBagShop.com and BikeKidShop.com. Beyond that we will be looking to Frank for leading the charge of improving the BikeShopHub.com as the center of our web shops. We have plans for setting the BikeShopHub.com as a central spot to see all of the reviews, specials, FAQs and other features of our niche shops in one location. We also have plans to increase our blogging activities at the BikeShopHub’s blog with frequent, lively and often time humorous updates about what’s going on here at the shop alongside announcements about new products and sales. Finally, we will be launching a forum presented by the BikeShopHub.com. The forum will be a place to discuss the various products that we carry and will be organized in a similar manner as the shops for ease of navigation. We will use the forum as a place to answer customer questions and encourage active discussions and debates about all related products as well as a wide variety of cycling issues.

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