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EMS Bikes

Our last post was dedicated to bicycle police, and the utility of using the bicycle as a vehicle for patrol and law enforcement. Next up in our now 4-part series dedicated to emergency and patrol cycling services are EMS (emergency medical service) bicycles. Originally, I had identified three categories of emergency and patrol cycling services […]

Burley Child Trailer Closeouts!

Holiday shopping season is descending upon us, and Black Friday is just around the corner! Want to avoid the throngs of holiday shoppers this year? At a loss for new gift ideas? Bike Trailer Shop can help!We are currently offering closeout pricing on all – yes, you read that right, ALL – of our Burley […]

Conference Bike

MTB 198 Interview with Joe Breeze

Over at Mountain Bike 198, Robb, had a great interview with Joe Breeze one of the creators of mountain biking. Towards the end of the interview they switched gears to asking about commuting as Breezer is known for one of the best commuter oriented bicycles in the US.. It’s exciting to see some mountain biking […]

2009 Burley Child Trailer Closeouts!

We are offering up all of our 2009 Burley Child Trailers at closeout pricing. This is an excellent opportunity to get a top-of-the-line Burley Child Trailers at incredible savings. Burley will likely not be offering any changes to their bike child trailer line for several years. This means this is the final opportunity to get […]

Sky Bike