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Archive for November, 2009

The Perfecto Commuter Bike : Type of Shifting

If you are just stopping in on our Group Build of the perfect commuter bike let’s catch you up.  After introducing who will be riding the bike, the overall landslide of bicycle frame choice was a Surly Long Haul Trucker. This wasn’t a surprise to me or many others.  Over at the Surly Long Haul […]

Police Bikes

At Utility, we view the idea of utility cycling as encompassing all kinds of cycling activities in which people are using bicycles to accomplish important tasks such as getting to work, delivering packages, selling things, catching bad guys, and saving lives. Wait what? Catching bad guys? Saving lives? By bicycle? And why not, what […]

Big Day At!

We’re having plenty of excitement today at the Bike Shop Hub. First off, our customer service/accounting specialist, Megan, is the proud new mother of a beautiful baby girl named Neva. Neva was born on Saturday night. And second up, we are welcoming on board our new programmer, Frank. We are very excited to have Frank […]

Folding Helmet

PARK(ing) Day PARKcycle

Recreating the Classic Dutch Bike

With the goal of researching and educating about the European utilization of bicycles we will be reading, writing and reviewing as many “Dutch style” bikes as possible. As a reader please comment, pass on links and any other information you think will be helpful. In the next week you’ll see an introduction article of the […]