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Archive for January, 2010

Top Commuter Bike Resources and Reviews

Bike commuting is all over the news and maybe your work place has signed on for the commuter tax benefits.. We want to help you get on that bike and out using this amazing piece of transportation.. The more cyclist that are out on the road, the more we will be taken seriously and moving […]

Bike Share in Tucson, AZ

Video Podcast : Update on Vega 200 & Perfect Commuter Bike

In this podcast I go over how the Light & Motion Vega 200 review is going. In the second clip I show you how the Long Haul Trucker from our Perfect Commuter Bike Build is sitting. Let me know any questions, comments or opinions. I’m still trying to work out these podcast in order to […]

Bike touring the Gila Mountians Part III, Bike Set Up

Welcome back to the amazing journey two friends had in Western New Mexico and how that journey provides a great platform for discussing the important points of preparing for and enjoying a bike tour. Last time in part II John and I climbed up the Mogollon, a gnarly 5000 ft climb up Bursum Road to […]

2010 Salsa Cycles Vaya Touring Bike

Salsa Cycles is one of those bicycle companies that branches out and tries to do things a bit different. They are a company that rides, and rides and rides. Proven with Gnat and Meiser‘s personal blogs of wonderful stories and photography. Their staff includes finishers of the most extreme long distance bicycle races, sponsors of […]

Video Podcast: Keen Coronado Cruiser Review

A very brief video of benefits and initial thoughts of the Keen Coronado Cruiser on review. A full overview will be in the next week for both Bike Shop Girl and Commute By Bike. This product was given to me at no charge for reviewing. I was not paid or bribed to give this review […]