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Archive for January, 2010

Best Ride of Janurary

This January has been a tough one to get out on good rides, I mean it is January after all. Yes those of us that are lucky enough to live in Flagstaff Arizona are spoiled, in the summer we get to ride some of the best alpine single track in the world and in the […]

Ride for Haiti

Talk about cycling for a cause! In light of the recent earthquake on January 12 in Haiti, young Charlie Simpson, a 7-year old boy from the UK, was inspired to organize a charity bike ride, with help from his parents, in benefit of UNICEF’s work in Haiti. Originally hoping to raise 500, Charlie’s efforts have […]

Peter’s Familiy Bike Touring Train

We’ve all heard it from our friends who have children, now that they have a family things aren’t the same and they just don’t have the time anymore to ride bikes or go camping. There’s soccer practice to go to, ballet lessons, etc. Well we received a few pictures from Peter, and from the looks […]

Off Hour Commuting for You and Me

Sometime around 2004-2006 my daily commuted was from my parents home in Annapolis, MD to work in Adams Morgan of Washington, DC, where I worked at the service manager of City Bikes. The commute normally included driving my car to the end stop of the metro line near College Park, MD. Parking my car and […]

Severe Winter Weather Advisory

Our guest writer today is Doug Rozelman. He is a co-worker of mine and an avid cyclist. Slo wly he is trying to learn to use his bike for daily task, and to live the cycling lifestyle. Read his first post Why I Go By Bike for good background on his commuting. As irony would […]

Why BikeShopHub.com Thrives in the Small City of Flagstaff, AZ

Most people do not think of Flagstaff, Arizona as being a cycling mecca, but Bike Shop Hub’s hometown is full of cycling enthusiasm! Flagstaff has a tendency to “fly under the radar” when it comes to it’s cycling scene, but there is a lot going on in and around this city of around 60,000 people. […]