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Bike Commuter Goals for 2010

1. Learn how to properly lock your bike A requirement in major cities, but often an after thought in small towns or commuters that take their bicycle into buildings. Practice locking your bike frame and both wheels. Having a good lock in your arsenal helps, even if you don’t carry it with you daily. 2. […]

Jackie Fristacky

The Perfect Commuter Bike : Quick Update

Currently the Long Haul is sitting as pictured above.  I installed the Schwalbe tires by chance, not thinking they would fit, but they did.  The tires I think have taken the bike a completely different path than originally I thought it would go.  The bikes looks have changed. Yesterday, I worked on installing the Velo […]

A Utility Cycling Trailer Interview

One of the main purposes of Utility Cycling.org is to celebrate the many ways in which a bicycle can be used to accomplish a wide range of tasks. In fact, the potential for utility cycling is so vast, in our Year in Review, it became apparent that we really haven’t even yet begun to scrape […]

Alan’s Grocery Getter

Here at the Bike Trailer Blog we like to encourage our readers and customers, like Alan here, to send us emails and pictures about their own bike trailer stories. Whether they are custom bike trailer projects, how they use their gear that they have purchased from us or just fun stories about trips, cool ideas […]

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