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Secure Parking for Bikes in Pittsburgh

When I think of the city Pittsburgh, I think of steel, the Steelers and Dirt Rag Magazine..  Slowly, with BikePGH‘s help, many are looking at Pittsburgh as a bike commuting city. Pittsburgh will soon offer a secure parking situation for commuters who cycle rather than drive into town. The Bicycle Commuter Center has been built […]

Repair Tips : Long Term Maintenance

RJ, from the blog An Adventure Called Bicycling, rides bikes in every fashion: touring, commuting, road racing, mountain biking, folding, hauling and more. Currently, she is working at Gregg’s Cycles, consistently rated the top bike shop in Washington state. You might know how to clean and lube your chain, but do you know when to […]

Basics of Bike Commuting

One World Two Wheels : Basics of Commuting By Bike Video

A great video provided by and their advocacy program, One World Two Wheels.

More Winter Cycling

A New twist on an Old Idea, Home Made Bike Cargo Trailer

We received a email from Sean in regards to a custom trailer that he was designing and building. Sean has taken some products that one could find around the house or office and turned them into a home made custom bike trailer. Including his own crafty hitch design.