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New Faces For a Great Start to 2010

We have some new faces here at the Bike Shop Hub, maybe they’re not new in a time on the earth sense, well except one, but there new to us. The great thing about a growing business is the amazing new people that we get to bring on board that continue to enhancing our little […]

2010 Redline Conquest Pro Recall

The CPSC and Seattle Bike Supply (SBS) are recalling the 2010 Redline Conquest Pro bicycles and frame sets. The bicycle’s fork legs can separate from the fork crown and cause the rider to lose control, posing a risk of serious injury if the rider falls. If you have this bike, you should stop riding it […]

Family Cycling

Bike Parking in Japan

New City Racks in New York City

The Department of Transportation chose locations near transit hubs like park and rides, in areas chosen by DOT’s CityRacks team, or based on recommendations from residents. Of those racks, there are 59 single steel pipe loops at a cost of $255 each, with room to park two or three bikes, and 53 double pipe loops, […]

Portland’s New 20 Year Bike Plan

There is a new bike plan for Portland, this plan has many layers, with a completion date of 2030, seems to have many hopes for gaining momentum. “Yesterday the Bureau of Transportation released the final version of the Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030. This version reflects many changes – some large, some small – to […]

Photo of the Week

In attempt to capture whatever the moment is in commuting across the US, I hope to pick one photo a week that has been added to our Flickr group.  This week is from Manhattan, NY and the Flickr user protographer23. As I am currently sitting in the Madison, WI airport looking at about a foot […]

Pulling a Bike Trailer with a Carbon Bike

Over the summer we received a couple of emails asking us what we though of pulling a bicycle trailer like a BOB or Burley Nomad with a carbon framed bicycle. We all now the stigma that surround Carbon fiber frames, many people cringe at the thought of using a carbon fiber frame for anything else […]

Bike Touring the Gila Mountians Part II, Where Ya Gonna Go?, Route Planning

In part one of Bike Touring the Gila Mountains, John and I had arrived in Western New Mexico and we were preparing to start an epic weekend of bicycle touring in the Gila Mountains. I wanted to take the time, to not only talk about how awesome our trip was, but to discuss the details […]

The Copenhagen Climate Conference was a Failure, or Was It?

My head is still spinning from the Copenhagen (United Nations) Climate Change Summit that was almost a month ago.  At first I kept up to date with news with my news feeder on overload after a few days.  Quickly,my head only hurt more instead of feeling inspired and motivated.  I’m not a politician, and though […]