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Archive for March, 2010

National Bike Summit Roundup

Last week was the National Bike Summit in Washington D.C. .  Due to being in rainy Florida, I couldn’t attend.  I’ve tried to list the best round up from across the web that I could find for all of you that may not have been keeping up with minute by minute happenings. Round up across […]

Bike Mapping, The Hot Topic

With the recent release of Google Map’s Bike directions the cycling word has been buzzing over bike mapping. Having a major global player like Google adding to the bike universe certainly has some large implications. Social media has been a flurry of messages discussing the new Google Mapping system, but have things really changed that […]

Le Grand Depart

Ausssie Long Haul Road Train

We received some photos and a cool story from down under. Hayden was kind enough to share his epic trip around the coast of Australia with his modified Burley trailer and what looks like a custom single wheeled BOB style trailer. Hayden said that he and his wife had began their journey two and a […]

What’s Your Monthly Savings as a Bike Commuter?

As a bike commuter it has really cut down our family cost on every day things. This morning while reading Treehugger.com they have a $$ saved article, and it got me thinking. How much as cyclist do we really save. After all the the money spent on the gear, bikes, and extra food. Do we […]

BOB Trailer Special ‘ Get a Free Wandertec SAX

Bike Trailer Shop is offering a free Wondertec SAX with the purchase of any BOB trailer. The Wondertec SAX are a must addition to any BOB trailer. The SAX completely changes the way in which your BOB Ibex or BOB Yak carries cargo. Check out the details of the sale at Bike Trailer Blog. Don’t […]