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Archive for May, 2010

Bicycle Portraits

E-Bikes on ABC’s Good Morning America

This article is part of our on going “E-Bike Wednesday“ series.  Every Wednesday we will be touching on something in the electric bike industry in hopes to clear up any e-bike questions or concerns you have. In honor of National Bike to Work Day the well received, Good Morning America, had a special on electric […]

UCLA Bike-U-Mentary

Bicycle Advocacy Organizations: Consorting with the Locals

On Friday morning, before the sun had made its daily appearance, I was on my way to set up shop at Northern Virginias largest Bike to Work Day pit stop in Rosslyn, Virginia. Through my position with a local bicycle retailer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to represent our company as we offered […]

Wrap Up of Flagstaff’s Bike-To-Work Week

With our big move over the previous weekend, we were a bit preoccupied to have been an active supporter of this year’s Bike-To-Work week here in Flagstaff. That being said, we certainly participated. Being in our new downtown location, we are now in a much better location for everyone to be able to easily ride […]

The Big Move

It’s been a whirlwind over the last two weeks and the dust is just starting to clear enough for me to settle down and report on what we’ve been up to. The mountain we were up against was moving our office, inventory and shop from our crammed in shop (1000 square feet) in East Flagstaff […]