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Archive for June, 2010

Community Building: Cycling Organizations

At Utility Cycling, weve discussed how bicycles can bring together people of similar interests to create communities of likeminded cyclists, and how bicycles can be used not only for transportation, deliveries and services, but also for social gatherings and social action, and self-expression. There is a utility in all of these activities, whether the goal […]

Union Foundry T0001 : Fixed Gear Lockring Tool

If you are a fixed gear fanatic listen up, a tool to keep in your wallet, flat kit or with your spare gears.. The concept of the new Union Foundry tool is very simple, very easy to use and if it works it will be brilliant. Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool from Paper Fortress on […]

Specialized 12th Commuter Challenge Results

The Specialized Commuter Cup Challenge is simple: Be the company that out bike’s them all! You think your company has some devoted cyclists? Prove it!. Is your company “Tiny but Tough”? “Mighty and Small”? In the “Medium Big League”? Or out to rule them all in our “Big Mac Attack” category? Use the SCCC to encourage […]

Fabian’s Avant Garde Bicycle Trailer

This is one of the nicest looking examples of a DIY bike cargo trailer we’ve seen. Here is what Fabian has to say about his design: “I just wanted to build an avant garde bicycle trailer that was somewhat unique. I’ve yet to fit a set of fully functional automotive trailer lights (indicator and brake) […]

Puma Bikes Revealed

We’ve heard the hype on the Puma Bikes, they are even an accessory on Puma’s own international website. The bikes were released this week to the internet streams and they sure are very different, very eye catching. The models Disko $970 – A folder, doubles as its own lock and 24″ wheels to allow the […]

Electric Bikes: Future or Fad?

Well, like it or not electric bikes are growing in popularity and they look like they are here to stay. Many traditionalist have raised a questionable eyebrow at the growing popularity of electric bikes, also known as “e-bikes.” But even the most dedicated fixie hipster can’t deny the growing sales numbers world wide of e-bikes. […]