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Archive for July, 2010

Copenhagen Through North American Eyes

Pedicabs: Hop On In!

On a recent trip to San Diego, CA, for a conference, I was impressed with the enormous number of pedicabs that were carting people around. As a result, I decided it was high time to write a post dedicated to the versatile, human-powered form of transportation that is the cycle rickshaw or pedicab. When we […]

First Ride

Oh Yeah. It’s the LoveTrain

To get what this trailer is all about, you’ve gotta watch the video. This bike trailer is about love. Not sure why, but you can just tell from the smooth bike ride depicted in the video. Enjoy….A few notes on the setup: all alloy tubing 6061 tg all 26″ wheels 3 foot stance some quick […]

Charlie’s Freewheels

Tools for Normalizing the Bike Commute

Come on now. I know that you think of yourself as a bike commuter. But all too often something gets in the way. As a small business owner who also likes calling himself a bike commuter, I’ve become quite familiar with all of the reasons (excuses) that it often seems much easier to take the […]