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Copenhagen Through North American Eyes

Pedicabs: Hop On In!

On a recent trip to San Diego, CA, for a conference, I was impressed with the enormous number of pedicabs that were carting people around. As a result, I decided it was high time to write a post dedicated to the versatile, human-powered form of transportation that is the cycle rickshaw or pedicab. When we […]

First Ride

Oh Yeah. It’s the LoveTrain

To get what this trailer is all about, you’ve gotta watch the video. This bike trailer is about love. Not sure why, but you can just tell from the smooth bike ride depicted in the video. Enjoy….A few notes on the setup: all alloy tubing 6061 tg all 26″ wheels 3 foot stance some quick […]

Charlie’s Freewheels

Tools for Normalizing the Bike Commute

Come on now. I know that you think of yourself as a bike commuter. But all too often something gets in the way. As a small business owner who also likes calling himself a bike commuter, I’ve become quite familiar with all of the reasons (excuses) that it often seems much easier to take the […]

DecoBike Is Fun

An Inspired Bike Trailer Risen from Rummage

We receive all types of stories here at the Bike Trailer Blog. Some are from people just writing in to tell us about their latest bike trip. Many are indeed bicycle trailer stories. But my favorites still have to be the DIY home trailer creations–especially the ones created from others unwanted stuff. James and his […]

One More Reason to Commute by Bike

These days there are more and more reasons to commute by bike. Gas prices are always on the rise. There are more and more motorist on the roads, clogging streets and increasing commute times. American cycling cultures are growing, so riding a bike to work might actually become cool one day. Bike riding is fun. […]

A Little Old School Throwback

Once in awhile it is good to remember where we came from; to not forget our roots so to speak. Randall was kind enough to give us a little look into the past with some photos of him and his wife on a 1200-mile bike tour in Oregon and Washington in 1981. For me personally, […]