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Pedal Transportation with Google’s Monorail

by Bike Shop Girl

The Schweeb, a monorail powered by pedals.

Schweeb Google Monorail

It’s one of five ideas that have won a share of the $10 million prize money stumped up by Google for its Project 10100 competition – 10100 is 1 googol – which called for “ideas to change the world”.

Those ideas came in thick and fast, with over 150,000 entries received in total. The winning five were announced last week after a public vote.

The Shweeb’s developers bagged $1 million, and will put the money towards developing a system to be used by city commuters. They claim it could carry up to 1200 people an hour. A 200-metre-long test track where the pods can reach speeds of 50 kilometres per hour is already operating as a tourist attraction in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Source : NewScientist

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5 Responses to “Pedal Transportation with Google’s Monorail”

  1. Nice says:

    I have to say, Pedal Transportation with Google’s Monorail | Commute by Bike is a certainly quality weblog. I might like to show you my personal thanks a lot. Regards!!!

  2. David says:

    Waste of money that money could be used to fund a test city where they close the city core streets to non essential vehicles and buy everyone a bike.

  3. Primal Tuna says:

    Stupid idea.

    So if the person in front of you is going slowly how the hell are you going to pass. What a waste of money & steel.

    If you just build proper bikeways (for a fraction of the cost) then you don’t need this pie-in-the-sky rubbish.

  4. Bert Hull says:

    i can hit 65 kph on a regular racing bicycle in 200m of existing asphalt road that connects to all roads in the city. How is this monorail better?

  5. Andrew says:

    Those should smell pretty ripe after a couple weeks…

    But it does look like fun.

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