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Archive for September, 2010

The Social Bicycle System

The Social Bicycle System

Did You Know That Best Buy Carries E-Bikes?

Does any readers have a local Best Buy that carries Light Electric Vehicles (LEV)? If so, please contact me. The entry into the category by Best Buy last year was heralded as perhaps a move that would reverse 115 years of consumer indifference. The consumer electronics powerhouse opened a light electric vehicle (LEV) department at […]

Long Distance Utility Cycling

Today, our post is dedicated to the most diligent and tenacious kind of utility cyclist – the long distance utilitarian. This post is part of our series on general bicycle transportation, which is any kind of bicycle transportation that is not directly focused around bike commuting. So although long distance utility cycling could certainly involve […]

2011 Civia Bike Teasers

It is the week before Interbike and everyone is putting out teasers of their new product that they will be launching. Civia is one of these companies. Known for throwing show stoppers, for example in 2007 when they released the brand with a $2500 commuter bike. Since then they have branched out in all directions […]


Since our humble beginnings at Bike Bag Shop we have focused on carrying brands that are geared towards the utility of cycling. Bike bags are, by nature and definition, products designed to increase the usability of your bike, whether it is for bike touring, bike commuting, or hauling groceries. The Bike Bag Shop has prided […]

2011 Breezer Uptown Infinity with NuVinci N360

Combining the proven ride-ability and reliability of the Uptown with the award-winning NuVinci N360 CVP transmission will make for an even better, fully-equipped commuter that is infinitely fun and infinity practical,” said Joe Breeze, president and founder of Breezer Bikes. I’m glad that Breezer is once again taking steps forward before the bicycle industry with […]