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Commute by Bike

The folks here at are very excited to announce our recent partnership with Commute by Bike. If you don’t already follow Commute by Bike, it is a blog and resource dedicated to providing tips, advice, reviews, and other great information for bike commuting. Commute by Bike focuses entirely on bicycle transportation, and it contains […]

A Suitcase/Bike Trailer Solution

Maurice writes the following about his setup:

Ortlieb Office Bag Large Classic ‘ Zinger & Quick Review

Today’s Zinger is the Ortlieb Office Bag Large Classic. I just sold the Vaude Wright Tarp Commuter Pannier that I was testing through our Demo Page and decided to pull this interesting pannier off of the shelf. Two things struck me right away, 1. this is a big pannier and 2. where do I put […]

The Epic Commute & The Tale Of Two Folding Bikes

Katie Mattison lives in Nyack, New York. Follow her on Twitter @kweenkmatt or for snarky commuting comments, @SnarkyTrainGirl I’m a young working professional from the suburbs trying to make it in the big city. I’ve lived in the NYC metro area since 1996, and I’m currently revisiting my passion for cycling that began as a […]

Bicycle Delivery Helps Solve Local Hunger

Bicycle Delivery Helps Solve Local Hunger

Chrome Backbone Backpack ‘ Zinger & Quick Review

Today’s Zinger, running through the next week, is the Chrome Backbone Cycling Backpack. We’ve marked it down from $179 to $165 while we feature it over the next week. This is a great full size backpack for taking on life’s challenges on the go. While this bag was designed with the demands of cycling at […]

Kenneth’s BOB Trailer/LHT Combo

Kenneth sent us this image of his Surly Long Haul Trucker decked out for some long hauls with panniers and a BOB Yak Trailer. Kenneth is planning out a trip to Bangor Maine in 2011 and looks like he should be all set to go to carry everything he’ll need.

Three Mobile Apps That Cyclists Need To Know About

When you head out cycling you usually take a few of the essentials with you. Pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, keys, and mobile phone. The final one can double up to offer a ton of useful functionality. Here are three apps that may be of use. 1/ Bike Doctor [Disclosure: This is my app!] […]

10 Rules For Urban Commuting

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. Earlier this year he switched to full-time single speed commuting; you can read his thoughts on going gearless at My commute through Seattle’s Capitol Hill and into the heart of downtown takes me through a maze of cars, pedestrians, […]

State of the Hub:!

This weekend, we are announcing some big news. The stewardship of is being handed over to us. The previous owner, editor and primary blogger, Arleigh, passed it on to us, in part due to the stress and issues surrounding a bike commuting accident. Given these circumstances, the transfer of the blog to us were […]