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New RideKick Trailer Video Review

Our friend Court Rye of Electric Vehicle Authority put together the above review of the new RideKick electric bike trailer. This thorough video review goes through all of the features of the product, interviews the CEO of RideKick an shows some excellent footage of the trailer in use. We are quite excited to see this […]

Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic Compact – Zinger & Quick Review

The Ortlieb Ulimate 5 Compact Classic is on sale for $49 the next week thru Nov. 18th. I’ve recently mounted this great little bag onto my bike and have really been enjoying the convenience of it. I’d previously mounted larger handlebar bags to my bike, and while I found them very useful for bike touring […]

MapQuest and OpenStreetMap: Is there a Bike Under the Hood?

The MapQuest Dev Blog has announced that MapQuest can map a bike route using data from OpenStreetMap. Before you get too excited, there’s no place yet on MapQuest where you can search for bike directions, but it may mean that they are one step closer a user-friendly way to map a bike route using real-world […]

Urban Bad Weather Commuting

  Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike every day, rain or shine. Earlier this year he switched to full-time single speed commuting; you can read his thoughts on going gearless at   Start commuting year-round, and youre going to have to make some adjustment for crappy weather. When I first […]

Pedaling Revolution: A Review

“Pedaling Revolution: How Cyclists are Changing American Cities,” written by Jeff Mapes, has been read and reviewed for well over a year, but it is still worth a read and a mention more than eighteen months after its publication. This book is wonkiness at its finest. Mapes, whose professional credentials are primarily in political reporting, […]

RackTime Barit ‘ Zinger & Quick Review

For the next week (thru Nov. 15th), we’ve marked the Racktime Barit down from $65 down to $55. I’ve been testing out one of these handlebar bags on my tandem for the past 6 months. Overall, it’s been a very nice handlebar bag with high end features at a reasonable price. For connecting to the […]

E Lee’s Extrawheel Sized for Bike Friday

We were excited to see this Extrawheel Voyager bike trailer set up for use with a Bike Friday. These photos demonstrate the Extrawheel setup with a 20″ rear wheel. This setup allows for the same 20″ wheel, 20″ tire and 20″ tube on the trailer as on the bike. This is quite convenient when it […]

A Thought Experiment on Bike Commuting Safety

Josh King’s guest post, “10 Rules for Urban Commuting” sparked a lively debate, not just in our comments, but across the blogosphere. Well, the bike-commuter corner of the blogosphere anyway. If you missed it, the essence of the article (if I should hazard a summary) is this: If safety and survival are paramount to an […]

Ortlieb Downtown ‘ Zinger & Quick Review

My wife just wrapped up testing the Ortlieb Downtown and had a hard time giving it back when the we sold her demo model. This bag is just a great mix of looks and usable features making it an ideal bike commuting pannier for may situations. We currently have a Zinger sale running on it, […]

Glenn’s BOB n Solo Bonanza

Here’s Glenn on his rig:”In preparation for the Tour de Fat, Tour de Tempe, and Halloween trick-or-treat transport I attched the BOB trailer along with a Burly Solo for a little bike train. Not necessarily intended for two (rather monsterchild in Burly and his bike rides on the BOB) but his friends at school really […]