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Archive for December, 2010

Your Choice: Bell Choir or Fish Tank

You can play one of three songs on the site. But if you don’t choose a song, the menu just loops endlessly like an animated DVD menu, or a fish tank screen saver.

Holiday Zinger #4 Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bags $85

The Ortlieb Velocity Messenger Bag is our forth Zinger of Holiday Zinger week. It is marked down to $85 from $99 through December 26th.

Burley’s New Accessories Trickling Out + Sale Extended

Burley had quite an exciting year on the new product front with the introduction of the Burley Travoy and their updated line of child trailers. Going into 2011 Burley is rounding out 2010’s big introductions with the introduction of new accessories. Now is a great time to pick up an excellent deal on Burley Cargo […]

MapQuest Bike Directions: Answers from the Inside

MapQuest is incrementally adding more and more cycling directions to their mapping services. Antony Pegg, Principal Product Manager for MapQuest’s Open Data Initiative, answered our burning questions about open source data, comparisons to Google Maps’ “Bike There,” and more.

Holiday Zinger #3 RackTime ShoulderIt $49

The Racktime ShoulderIt is third up for our week of Zinger specials. They are marked down to $49 thru Dec. 26th. This pannier makes a perfect holiday gift for your cycling honey!

‘Best of all you won’t feel guilty when you reach for seconds from the holiday dessert tray’ (Roundup)

A Christmas tree made out of bikes. Zip ties for snow traction. Winter cycling infographic. More holiday gift ideas.