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Repeat After Me: Winter Commuters Aren’t Heroes

If we want our winter commute to be seen as a heroic, we are also saying, “You mere mortals couldn’t handle it.” And if they internalize this message, they won’t ever try.



What to Do in a Bicycle Collision

No bicyclist wants to think about getting into a collision with a car. However, the experienced cyclist crashes an average of once every 8,000 miles of riding. While the actual number of accidents involving injuries is much lower, it pays to be prepared and to know what to do should you end up in an unfortunate situation.

‘Parking is kind of like dark matter in the universe’ (Roundup)

Do you think that because you commute by bike, that you don’t have to worry about parking? Well now you do.

Carbon Credits for Bike Sharing

Carbon Credits for Bike Sharing

Bike Share in the Big Apple

The City That Never Sleeps has officially requested proposals from private companies with the expectation of implementing a twenty-four hour, 365 day-a-year bike share program by the spring of 2012. The RFP calls for approximately 600 stations with 10,000 bikes in the initial phase of the program.

The Way Forward for Bicycling Advocates – Back to Basics

As you may have heard, our nation had some elections on November 2th. And they resulted in dramatic changes in Congress. There’s been a lot of talk about what this will mean for bicycling. It’s too early to know for sure, but we know what we are going to do.

‘You better be pimpin’ with that helmet on tight’ (Roundup)

I would really hate for anyone to ever think that a PSA this contrived and cheesy would have convinced me to wear a helmet.  Still, it’s not a good enough reason for me not to wear one. One YouTube commenter wrote, “I’m 99% sure this was made in some community service plea bargain agreement with […]

New York City Bike Wars

New York City Bike Wars

Neil on the Hunt with a Wandertec BONGO

Neil sent us this intriguing photo from his recent elk hunting trip in Montana. Here is what Neil had to say about the experience: