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Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Be the First Commuter on your Block…

by Ted Johnson

We are going to be printing up some t-shirts for Commute by Bike.

Our graphic designer started playing with variations on the logo, and we couldn’t get a consensus on which of these two we should go with. So we thought we’d poll our readers.

Five poll-takers chosen at random will receive a free t-shirt once a decision is made. You’ll be able to buy the shirts eventually, but at first they’ll be extremely exclusive.

Scroll down to take the poll.

Commute by Bike T-Shirt

Which T-shirt design do you prefer?
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If you’d like to be considered for a free t-shirt, be sure to leave a comment with a working e-mail address so we can contact you if you are one of the winners.

Update: The t-shirts are in, and the winners have been announced.

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107 Responses to “Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Be the First Commuter on your Block…”

  1. Gordon says:

    Simplicity…it is more apparent in the lower sample. Thank you.

  2. The bike stands out better in the lower design, in my opinion – but both look good. Glad my office doesn’t look like those towers though! Keep up the good work.

  3. The lower one seems better. But i would prefer the big image on my back, instead.

  4. Dale says:

    I chose the lower one, but if the shirt were a different color, I might prefer the upper one. I always commute with a bag or panniers though.

  5. Barb says:

    i have an orange bike, I like the top one.

  6. Bill says:

    Like the bottom shirt, but prefer a brighter color. Whether on the bike or just out having fun, I like to be visible. And besides, the shirt conveys a message that needs to be heard.

  7. dave says:

    i think they’re both boring, and don’t like the background that looks like people at a meeting table. there is no sense of motion in the graphic. the gray color is just blah. I would prefer something I can wear while riding, that has some visibility and zing to it. that says, I like riding to work on my bike! Because I do. my commute is a personal journey each day with me, nature, and the day. i get exercise and fresh air. chew on those ideas and see what else you can come up with, maybe?

  8. Isaac Saucedo says:

    I would wear either one since I KNOW I am the first commuter on my block. But I do lean toward the lower one.

  9. Both shirts are pretty cool but I like the bike frame on the upper shirt has a contrasting color.

  10. Paula says:

    I like the lower one, the bike stands out more. Thanks.

  11. Chris says:

    Love the shirt. Prefer the lower design. Would love to see it on me.

  12. David says:

    Very cool. Like the upper design.

  13. John Worlanbd says:

    e-mail me when I can purchase.

  14. Julian says:

    I like the lower image due to the fact that the bike “pops”, while the cityscape still makes no bones about the idea of using the bicycle as a vehicle to explore it.

  15. Tom says:

    Agree with the extra color; also agree I would buy one…well done!

  16. Rock Cowles says:

    I like the purity of the lower design and the cheaper printing costs. Make sure you get some 2XL & 3XLs for those of us still not whittled down to size!

  17. David says:

    I’ll take a free one, sure. But I would also gladly pay for one to support you guys! I’d do both if given the chance 😉

  18. Gordon says:

    The bike in the lower one stands out more.

  19. Mel says:

    The all black and white is more sophisticated.

  20. Dan says:

    Like them both, but the upper one better. Great blog!

  21. Jed says:

    I enjoy the brown image of the bicycle more, it seems more pleasant. Though the white and black bicycle design is bolder and would probably last a lot longer.

  22. Rohan says:

    Lower one – the increased contrast really makes the design pop!

  23. Eric says:

    Really like the bottom one!

  24. Steve says:

    It’d be kind of cool to have a slogan of something along the lines of “If you were commuting by bike, we’d all be home by now…” or “My bike gets infinity miles per gallon, how about your gas guzzler?” Either way, cool looking shirts!

  25. Joe says:

    I like the bottom one

  26. DAVID CLIFTON says:

    The lower one is very cool. always good to show you commute. Please email prices in case I don’t win. 😉

  27. Bob P. says:

    The lower one will look great on my bike commute.

  28. Himee63 says:

    I like the extra color on the upper one but the bike shows up better on the lower one…so the lower one.

  29. Will Roberts says:

    Nice work! (and classy too)

  30. Scott Redd says:

    The lower one pops, as others say. Both are lovely.

  31. TwoTired00 says:

    The lower one because the bike is more visible.

  32. ERIC says:

    LOVE THE DESIGN..wear it everyday and while commuting to from work..good shirt to show the world we care..please may i win this one..

  33. starralex76 says:

    both these designs are pretty cool. I cant choose only one from them (( It’s so hard

  34. Fred Hintze says:

    I like tham both, and which is “better: depends upon what you are trying to emphasize…The upper one focuses on the city; the lower one focuses on the bike.

  35. Darryl says:

    Great looking shirts — both of them! I’d love to have either. You have a nice designer. I’d love to see additional designs for sale along these lines. There seems to be many shirts with racing designs, but not enough for non-racers!

  36. Chris says:

    I accidentally voted for “lower one” but I actually like the top one best.

  37. Caddy-G says:

    Nice t-shirts !Not so easy to vote… i like both !

    Keep on the good work, we love it !!!

  38. Michelle King says:

    totally dig the lower one.

  39. Jessica says:

    Definitely the lower.

  40. Nik Martin says:


    I really like the upper design, the one with red: the red grabs my attention and would get persons to pay attention to the shirt, I think.

    I just found out about your web site the other day. I have been commuting to school and work for five years now, how ever: just stumbled upon your web site while looking for web sites which promote bicycle safety for the purpose of directing persons I come in contact with … i e: beginning commuters.
    I am currently working on starting an independent, nonprofit bicycle center. While promoting a deep respect for people and real resources through responsible business disciplines, I hope to promote responsible transportation methods. The center will host classes which provide exposure to information about bicycle commuting, maintenance, and safety … as well as have open center hours when persons in the community can come in and work on their bicycle or receive help. I am looking to establish a free bicycle rental service at the center also. I plan to use found and reclaimed materials in effecting this project and to donate a portion of the generated surplus to social service and human rights agencies.
    Right now: I am working on helping several locally based organizations disseminate and implement their ideas for getting persons interested in bicycling and increasing the amount of bicycle users within the community. I just completed a notably successful bicycle giveaway through the university which I attend.

    Lending me a shirt would be a great way for your web site to gain support, as many people would see it; and, I could wear some thing that supports my message so persons could point me out in conversation to others, or immediately know who I am.

    Thanks! Haha, I hope the red one wins!


  41. Josh Lipton says:


    Our main office is in Flagstaff, but we’ve got writers in Tucson and DC and guest contributors from all over.

    I suppose the real answer is a bike against the peaks would make people think of mountain biking before they thought about bike commuting.

  42. DudleyDawson says:

    I like the lower one

  43. Ghost Rider says:

    For those who don’t like the “.com” part of the logo…you do realize this shirt is a branded advertisement for the website, right? Wearing it may help direct others to this great resource, and as such the “.com” actually belongs.

  44. John says:

    The lower one, love the bike standing out against the city skyline!

  45. Andy says:

    lower one

  46. kieran says:

    Excellent,prefer the lower one.

  47. Chrehn says:

    I like em’.

  48. Daniel says:

    I voted for the lower one, but I’d happily wear either!

  49. Valerie Paul says:

    I too prefer the lower one… crisper

  50. peter arellano says:


  51. Sean says:

    I like the lower one

  52. harvey says:

    The lower design has my vote.

  53. David Clarke says:

    I like the one with the orange bike. I just love orange bikes.

  54. Matt P says:

    Lower one is very nice. Would be great if they were reflective!

  55. nathan says:

    top to the top

  56. Steph says:

    I like the simplicity and contrast of the lower one. It has a cleaner look.

  57. Ryan Keefer says:

    I like the upper one with a little color in there.

  58. Floyd Biery says:

    I like the upper. The colored frame really makes it stand out.

  59. thomas says:

    As a screen-printer myself, I vote for the lower one. Lower color counts are generally a good thing.

  60. Eph Zero says:

    Agree with others that the bike shows up better in the lower one.

  61. I’m for the lower one…and I thought you guys were located in Flagstaff? That looks like a different skyline to me, hmm.

  62. CJM says:

    Lower…but I agree with others, tone-down the buildings…looks too scary too commute…maybe incorporate a sunrise or sunset?

  63. James says:

    The lower one has a high contrast which seems to look a little nicer.

  64. Katrin says:

    took me a while to decide, I do like the lower one just a little better. will there be smaller sizes as well?

  65. Eric says:

    I like the contrast in the lower one.

  66. Geoff says:

    I like the lower one too

  67. Clancy says:

    Bottom one looks good!

  68. khs11 says:

    I like the touch of color in the top one. Also, I agree with the poster that would rather have the ‘.com’ on the back, in order to promote commuting by bike, but not necessarily a website (though that will be the effect if you put it on the back anyways, which is fine).

  69. Brian says:

    I like the contrast on the lower one.

  70. Adam says:

    The lower one is easier to see because the white has higher contrast.

  71. Jolie says:

    Me too, Nicole — I prefer the upper design. They’re both pretty sweet, though. Nice job!

  72. Nicole says:

    I seem to be in the minority, but I like the top one best. I’d wear either, though!

  73. locus says:

    I favor the lower one. It’s prettier!

  74. Param says:

    The bike stands out more in the lower one! 🙂

  75. 1oddmanout says:

    Both are good. Freebies are OK

  76. jersey rider says:

    Like the top ONE with the cycle standing out..please hope this one is the winner

  77. welshcyclist says:

    Great to see a design, proclaiming commuting, I want to be one of the first out there, showing the way towards a more healthy way to travel get a better more balanced lifestyle.

  78. Santi says:

    Lower one

  79. Paul Keiffer says:

    I prefer the lower one

  80. Hugo says:

    I also think the lower one, but a range of colours would be good too.

  81. Markus says:

    the lower one pleases me much more than the upper one

    The contrast of the colour of the bike in the upper one pleases me less than the lower one.

  82. Anton says:

    The bottom one seems a bit clearer, simpler.

  83. Linda says:

    Like both but I think just alittle bit of color makes the bike atand out in the top one.
    Have fun choosing!!!

  84. Mark says:

    I like the lower one

  85. Ed says:

    Either is fine – I think you’re splitting hairs here. Unfortunately the truth is I wouldn’t by one as long as it says “.com”. I would much rather wear a shirt that simply delivers a message about bicycle commuting than a web address. Put the web address at the bottom of the back side

  86. Ghost Rider says:

    Both are nice — it’s a good logo, but I have to agree with others that the lower one just “works” a bit better.

  87. Doug Hall says:

    Love them both! Why choose?

  88. Matrosski says:

    I like the lower one

  89. Smorris says:

    I like the lower design best. It has more contrast on the frame, so the bike stands out more.

  90. Rebecca says:

    I voted for the less popular design!

  91. RG says:

    The both look sharp but I like the lower one more! Now bring on the warm weather!!

  92. hans says:

    the bottom one – but try making the building a dark outline instead of filled in.

    less ink, lighter design, the buildings won’t look like it you are biking to work at night, the buildings won’t look so foreboding and ominous… like they are going to crush da bike… 😉

  93. johncoe says:

    lower. definitely.

  94. Chris Warren says:

    Definitely prefer the lower one.

  95. Ben S. says:

    lower one stands out better, like it much better

  96. Janice in GA says:

    The bike pops more in the lower one. 🙂

  97. jutowa123 says:

    i think both designs are cool really. why not make some with all kinds of colors.

  98. KG says:

    Nice shirts.

  99. Kim Walls says:

    I’d proudly wear either!

  100. Matt says:

    Nice and Simple.

  101. Andrew says:

    both look good. i like the lower one too.

  102. Arleigh says:

    lower one (but I’m biased!)

  103. Markld says:

    Go low but go.

  104. James says:

    Nice designs. I Like the lower one. James

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