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Youth Bike Summit

Youth Bike Summit

Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Be the First Commuter on your Block…

Five poll-takers chosen at random will receive a free t-shirt once we choose a design. You’ll be able to buy the shirts eventually, but at first they’ll be extremely exclusive.

Austin Bike Zoo’s Non-Utility Cycling

The mission of Austin Bike Zoo is “to have fun and make people happy with our unique human powered vehicles, bicycle-based theatrical performances and educational programs for youth.” You could call what they do, “non-utility cycling” if you’re the type of person who finds no utility in art, community building, and imagination. But you’re not, […]

Emergency & Patrol Services by Bike

One of our goals for the year 2011 is to complete our “dictionary” of Utility Cycling. In our 2010 Utility Cycling Year in Review, I listed out all of the categories and subcategories of utility cycling that we have conceptualized over the last year and a half. While we have written on many of the […]

Oregon’s Greenlick Bill: No Kids Under Six on Bikes or Trailers (Roundup)

In Portland, the most bicycle friendly city in the country a bill was introduced that would prohibit Oregon cyclists from carrying children under the age of six on a bicycle or in a bicycle trailer.

This is a Confession, not a Bike Review

This morning, as I was getting ready to head in to work, I remembered that I still had this borrowed e-bike. At that moment, I felt a little bit of dread melt away.

The Rise of the Commuter & E-Bike Specialist Shop (Part 3)

Cycle 9 in Carrboro North Carolina carries both traditional commuter bike and e-bikes. Cycle 9 also specializes in cargo bikes and electric assisted cargo bikes.

Bicycle Count Data

Bicycle Count Data

Schwalbe Marathon Winter Studded Tires (700×40)

Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tires are for-keeps. They ride on snow and ice as-advertised: capably, confidently, with nary a slip to be found. Better yet, they ride super-well on the pave’, too, without many of the troubling handling traits and noise complaints common with other studded tires.

How To Dress For Cold Weather (2011 Update)

An update from the most popular post from 2006: Nick James’ “How To Dress For Cold Weather (2011 Update)”