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Jen and the Art of Life on Bikes

It took Jenny about five years to ultimately embrace life on bikes. In these videos, she openly discusses the rough road from being “addicted” to her minivan to realizing that her family of six was better off without it.

Riding in the Winter

Riding in the Winter

Cargo Hitch with Trailing and Offset Modes

Having to tow lengthy cargo (golf clubs, fish tanks, suspiciously unmarked cardboard boxes: the essentials) is definitely a problem, but one of our readers has come up with his own hitching system to offset the literal “drag” of figuring out how to set up your trailer to fit in bigger packages.

Recovering and Rediscovering Cycling after 20 Years

I used be a cyclist. Then I wasn’t. After almost twenty years I’ve started cycling again. Why such a big gap? What has changed in that time?

Youth Bike Summit

Youth Bike Summit

Commute by Bike T-Shirts: Be the First Commuter on your Block…

Five poll-takers chosen at random will receive a free t-shirt once we choose a design. You’ll be able to buy the shirts eventually, but at first they’ll be extremely exclusive.