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The Tiny House Movement

Tiny House Movement

Bicycles and Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness

“I’m very happy to that our two kings–the fourth king who is now in retirement, and the present king who sits on the throne–have very recently started bicycling. … The idea is to make Bhutan a bicycle culture, supported by a public transportation system.”

Musicians Who Gig with a Bike Trailer Rig

The Haulin’ Bass Project got me wondering about other musicians or bands that use bike trailers, or pedal power exclusively. Here’s what I turned up: The Haulin’ Bass Project

The Very Best Bike Locks

If you want to keep your bike, and I’m pretty sure you do, you firstly need two good locks.

State of the Hub: 2011!

2010 was quite the year for the Bike Shop Hub. We grew up and moved out of the shop behind my house into a 4000 square foot warehouse with offices and a metalworking shop. We reorganized all of our web stores into our shared site platform and launched our third shop, We took the […]

Resolutions Great and Small for 2011

I sent out requests (kind of at the last minute) to the writers who make Commute by Bike a great read. I asked for their New Years Resolutions for 2011. These are the ones that came back in time. Please add your resolutions in the comments. Josh Lipton Publisher Looking forward into 2011, a bike […]