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Archive for February, 2011

A Link History of NAHBS – While Prepping for Austin

After a full day of Internet browsing through the bicycle porn that is the history of NAHBS, here are the bits that stand out.

Celebrities: Bike to the Oscars

Celebrities: I want to help you prepare for your most important commute of the year-–whether you care about the planet, or if you just want to appear that you care.

Interpreting Interpretations: An Analysis of the Bike Accident Tracker

The Bike Accident Tracker can “help move everyone past the overly-simplified arguments about cars vs. bikes and spur discussions on bike safety that are based on data instead of preconceived biases,

‘There is a fine line between being safe and carrying on a conversation with yourself in public’ (Roundup)

A visible target of ridicule is still a target.

Cycling & the Media in the Netherlands

Cycling & the Media in the Netherlands

FlashBak Lighted Safety Device – Enough is Enough

When I first got the FlashBak, I could only think of humorous applications. I milked it for laughs. I clipped it to my butt and called myself Mr. Flashypants.