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Princeton Tec PUSH Headlight

It’s brighter than any headlight I’ve tried–and I’ve tried many. And by “many” I mean “a handful of cheap ones.”

Moving Beyond the Automobile Series

Moving Beyond the Automobile Series

Bicycle Diaries: A Review

Byrne’s unique observations are a result of his viewing the world from the saddle of his bike, but Bicycles Diaries, published in 2009, proves to be different from many other advocacy-themed books that offer far less social and political commentary.

Chrome and Schwinn: Love is Blind or Worlds Collide?

What is one to make of a cross promotion in the form of a Chrome contest to give away a Schwinn tandem? Nothing, unless your old.

A Commuter Trailer as a Job Benefit

At Bike Trailer Shop, we want to promote the idea of a bike cargo trailer as a job benefit for bike commuters–to get them to bike commute even more.

Poll: Would you borrow a bike trailer from your boss?

Buying a bike cargo trailer seems like a relatively easy and inexpensive thing a business could do to encourage those of us who do bike commute to do it even more.