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Bike Church Tool Cooperative

Bike Church Tool Cooperative

Saved by the Bike: Bill & Daisy Mae

In a small town in south-central Pennsylvania, salvation found a man and a dog through cycling.

The Buff Seamless Headband

Over the course of two weeks, I tested the Buff Headband while running and cross country skiing, as well as during my regular bike commute to work.

Moving a Kentucky Home on Bike Trailers

“Moving day” is perhaps one of the most stress inducing phrases a person can hear in their adult life. I should know, I’ve had to slog my junk across my hometown about five time in the last four years. But bike-enthusiasts, we’ve got great news! Andy Dyson managed to move the contents of his Louisville home about 1.4 miles away, all on pedal-power!

The Rise of the Commuter & E-Bike Specialist Shop (Part 5)

I am glad that these shops are out there spreading the word about bikes as a viable form of transportation–especially in the US. We seem to be behind the curve when it comes to bikes being accepted as a way to get around.

The Hills Are Alive Tour: Sights of ‘The Sound of Music’

Recently, a Montague rider named Hernani Cardoso undertook a journey from Austria to Bulgaria after being inspired by the amazing visuals from The Sound of Music. The trip was long and somewhat difficult, but in his online interview with Montague Bikes, Cardoso recalls the details of his trip with clarity and enthusiasm.

‘Riding Is My Antidepressant’ (Roundup)

Would you buy your fake masters degree from an online diploma mill whose operators don’t even know how to Google search for the top bike commuting blog?

8 Reasons To Bike Commute With Your Kids

The following piece is a guest post by Kathleen McDade. Kathleen usually blogs over at Techno Earth Mama, but given her expertise in family cycling, she is going to write a few posts for Utility Cycling on the topic. We look forward to expanding this important piece of utility cycling with Kathleen’s help! Bicycle commuting […]

How Not to Ride an E-Bike

…so I came up with this brilliant plan: She’d stand on one pedal, and I’d stand on the other. We’d motor to our destination.